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ELP Doctoral Dissertations of 1996

Kerry Kenn Allen
Washington, DC
The Role and Meaning of Community Service in the Lives of CEOs of Major Corporations. 

Freda Amprey
Hunt Valley, MD

The Relationship of Organizational Structuring to Collective Sense Making. 

Monica Biggs
Troy, NY
The Exercise of Authority by Team Managers During the Implementation of Self-Directed Work Teams: A Case Study. 

Sue Brown
Houston, TX
A Study of Collective Learning in an Organization. 

Sheryl Colyer
Silver Spring, MD
Leaders: Do They Make a Difference? An Empirical Investigation of Relationships: Leadership and Performance in a Retail Environment. 

Sally Conkright
Charlestown, MA
Personal Adoption of the Fundamental Nature of Participatory Leadership: An Interview Study of The Transformation of Elites' Business Practice. 

Dale Crossman
Glen Burnie, MD
A Study of Certain Personality Factors, Perceived Participativeness and Success Levels of NASA Project Managers. 

Clyde Croswell
Berryville, VA
Organizational Learning in Nonprofit Organizations: A Description of the Action Patterns of a Professional Association's Governing Network and Leadership Role in Turbulent Times. 

Deborah Duarte
Herndon, VA
Collective Reflection on Global Project Teams: An Analysis of the Types of and Conditions Associated with Reflective Work. 

Rebecca Kraft
Olathe, KS
The Relationship Between Team Leadership and Work Team Performance. 

Nancy Snyder
St. Joseph, MI
Global Integrating Mechanisms and Global Dominant Logic: Managers' Perceptions to Global Integration. 

Dian Svendsen
Philomath, OR

A Heuristic Study of Women's Attempts to Integrate Utilitarian and Expressive Aspects of Self through Work.  

Mary Kay Vona
Tampa, FL
The Relationship Between Visionary Leadership and Climates of Innovation in Organizational Work Units. 

John Williams
Washington, DC

Medical Care Process Associated With In-take Patient Process. 

On-Campus Doctoral Dissertations of 1996

Richard Cullins
Washington, DC
Correspondence in Learning Style Between Air Traffic Cohntrol Traiing Providers and Air Traffic Control Training Selectees. 

Unpublished doctoral dissertations. 
The George Washington University, Washington, DC

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