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Doctoral Research and Funding

The George Washington University’s doctoral students—especially those in research-oriented Ph.D. programs—have opportunities for assistantships, fellowships and research training positions to support most of their doctoral study. Some students also seek outside fellowships and grants to fund their studies or to pursue dissertation research they might otherwise be unable to undertake. These funding opportunities open the way for invaluable experience and education in research practices, teaching methods and other essential professional skills.

Faculty Research

GW has expert faculty members in dozens of research fields, ranging from nanotechnology to social sciences to medical research.

Funding for Doctoral Students

GW provides many types of funding, most of it based on merit and awarded to incoming students by the faculty of the student’s particular program.

  • Teaching, research and administrative assistantships provide a salary, a stipend for living expenses and an award to cover tuition costs.
  • Fellowships, such as GW’s prestigious Presidential Merit Fellowships and a host of others funded by donations and other institutional funds, provide a stipend and tuition.
  • Stipends and research assistant positions funded through the grants of faculty mentors offer some support to doctoral students in the sciences, engineering and other fields. Stipends support students’ training as researchers, while research assistant positions provide a salary and at least partial tuition for work on professors’ project grants.

External Funding

Some doctoral students seek to supplement internal funding with competitive awards from external funding sources, such as the prestigious NSF Graduate Fellowships. These not only hel students complete their degrees but they add luster to their vitae. External funding can support a student’s education, pay for dissertation research in archives or in other countries, or cover the laboratory materials needed for research projects.