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Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services

The George Washington University believes in the equality of people, the value of individual differences and the boundless potential of the human spirit. Disability Support Services (DSS) ensures full participation by everyone in the GW community to derive the greatest benefit from their educational experiences and attain maximum personal success.

DSS currently oversees services for more than 700 GW students with a range of disabilities, including students temporarily disabled by injury or illness. To be eligible, a student must provide DSS with documentation that substantiates the need for such services in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the ADA. Services provided without charge may include registration assistance, readers, interpreters, scribes, individualized learning specialist support, adaptive materials and equipment, assistance with note taking, laboratory and library assistance, and test accommodations. DSS does not provide content tutoring, although it is available through the GW Tutoring Initiative. The University does not provide or pay for transportation services or personal attendant care.

GW Tutoring Initiative

Need a tutor or want to help other students?  The GW Tutoring Initiative helps every student get the support they need for academic success.  Through the program, every student receives 10 free hours of tutoring each semester.