Communications and Marketing Organizational Chart


This chart is a leadership overview of this division. Please visit the full organizational chart if you would like more detail.


  1. Sarah Baldassaro

    Interim Vice President for Communications and Marketing

    1. Athletics Communications

      Brian Sereno

      Associate Athletics Director, Communications

      1. Kevin Burke

        Director, Athletics Communications

    2. Constituency Communications

      Michelle Stone

      Executive Director, Communications (Employee Communications)

      1. Maralee Csellar

        Director, Communications (Current Students and Parents)

    3. Digital Content & Graphic Design

      Dominic Abbate

      Creative Director (Interim Co-Lead for Marketing)

      1. John McGlasson

        Managing Art Director

    4. Editorial

      Rachel Muir

      Executive Director, Editorial Services

      1. Keith Harriston

        Senior Managing Editor, GW Today

      2. Thomas Kohout

        Director of Publications

    5. Enterprise-Wide Digital (Web and Mobile, Training and School Web Leads)

      Annette Thomson

      Associate Director of Requirements & Support, Web

    6. Executive Leadership Communications

      Kurtis Hiatt

      Executive Leadership Communications Director (President)

      1. Jamie Freedman

        Executive Leadership Communications Director (Schools)

      2. Sarah Tereniak

        Executive Leadership Communications Manager (Provost)

    7. Marketing

      Josh Schimmerling

      Director, Marketing (Interim Co-Lead for Marketing)

      1. Kate Kalas

        Associate Director, Marketing

      2. April Rongero

        Manager, Marketing

    8. Media Relations

      Kathleen Fackelmann

      Director, Media Relations

      1. Crystal Newcombe Nosal

        Assistant Director, Media Relations

    9. Multimedia Content (Photo and Video)

      Lesley Grier

      Director, Multimedia Strategy

    10. School and Unit Marketing and Communications

      Sarah Baldassaro

      Interim Vice President for Communications and Marketing

      1. Anne Banner

        SMHS and MFA Marketing and Communications Director

      2. Mary Catherine Chase

        GWSB Marketing and Communications Director

      3. Sarah Crisci

        SMPA Marketing and Communications Manager

      4. Mark DeLong

        Enrollment Marketing and Communications Director

      5. Stacey DiLorenzo

        GWSPH Marketing and Communications Director

      6. Elizabeth Field

        GW Law Marketing and Communications Director

      7. Dwayne Gamble

        DAR Marketing and Communications Interim Lead

      8. Amanda Gillespie

        CPS Marketing and Communications Director

      9. Robin Khan

        ESIA Marketing and Communications Director

      10. Naomi Rothwell

        Corcoran Marketing and Communications Manager

      11. Marie Rudolph

        GSPM Marketing and Communications Manager

      12. Ken Schappelle

        SON Marketing and Communications Director

      13. Denise St. Ours

        CCAS Marketing and Communications Director

      14. Touran Waters

        GSEHD Marketing and Communications Director

      15. Joanne Welsh

        SEAS Marketing and Communications Director

    11. Strategy

      Jin Chon

      Assistant Vice President, Strategic Communications

      1. Adam Frank

        Executive Director, Advertising

      2. Kathleen Garrigan

        Director, Research Communications