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Combined Degrees

When you know where you’re going, you don’t have time to wait.

Many of the outstanding students who choose the George Washington University know they want to pursue graduate education long before they’ve earned their undergraduate degrees. To give them the best opportunities for success in an increasingly demanding academic and career marketplace, GW continuously creates ways to expand and accelerate their studies. GW’s combined degrees offer:

  • Early acceptance to graduate programs—for some in the senior year of high school
  • Waivers from graduate exams for several advanced degree programs
  • Compressed courses of study that reduce the total number of years—and tuition costs—needed to earn a graduate degree such as a J.D. or M.D.
  • Access to partner universities with programs that complement GW’s curricula

How They Work

The George Washington University offers combined degree programs, including joint programs that award both degrees at once and dual programs that award the degrees sequentially. Combined programs generally allow students to “double count” a limited number of credit hours toward both degrees, provided students earn a grade of B or better, the coursework is taken for graduate credit and both the undergraduate and graduate programs approve it. Each combined degree program has a designated program director or adviser to provide counseling and monitoring for prospective and current students.


GW’s combined B.A./M.D. program enables outstanding high school students with a proven commitment to medicine to earn a bachelor’s and a medical degree in just seven years. Based on their academic excellence, demonstrated leadership, community service and health care experience, these incoming freshmen are guaranteed admission to the School of Medicine and Health Sciences—without taking the MCATs and at a fixed tuition rate. The School of Medicine and Health Sciences also offers an early selection opportunity for students with academic distinction at both GW and certain other undergraduate colleges. Students apply near the end of their sophomore year for provisional admission to the M.D. program without taking the MCATs.


Students with definite career goals have an opportunity to apply to a number of GW’s combined bachelor’s/master’s programs.