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GW President Steven Knapp has made alumni outreach a priority. His initiative of “creating a community for life” is focused on strengthening the bonds between students, alumni, parents, and the University.

The GW alumni community comprises more than 250,000 alumni living in 150 countries around the world. These graduates are encouraged to mentor students, help students find internships and jobs, attend events, network with one another, and to act as advocates for GW. Alumni also provide substantial financial support to the University.

Office of Alumni Relations

The Office of Alumni Relations supports alumni programs, services and networks, as well as the many individuals and organizations involved in alumni affairs. Opportunities for alumni include:

  • Regional and International Events
  • School Alumni Programs
  • Exclusive Online Networks
  • Career Services
  • Campus Discounts
  • Special Offers from Corporate Partners
  • Travel and Education Programs
  • Clubs and Groups
  • Volunteer Opportunities

George Washington Alumni Association

The George Washington Alumni Association (GWAA) was founded to strengthen the relationship between alumni and the university. The primary goals of the GWAA are:

  • Enabling lifetime engagement of alumni with fellow graduates, current students, and the University
  • Gathering a voice for alumni by institutionalizing a two-way dialog between GW graduates and the University
  • Building a culture of philanthropy to support current and future generations of GW students and alumni

Career Services 

Search job listings, network with other alumni, polish interview skills with career coaches, post jobs and pass on your wisdom to current students.


Keep in touch with the GW alumni community, wherever you live, work or travel.


Attend an event – we host hundreds every year around the world – from Washington, D.C. to Tokyo and everywhere in between.


Your time, enthusiasm and financial support increase the prestige of your alma mater, enhance the alumni community and allow students to make the most of their GW experience.


Take advantage of the many benefits offered to alumni, from campus discounts, transcript services and discounted course offerings to GW e-mail for life, alumni travel and special offers on insurance, gym membership, banking, hotels and more.



GW Celebrates 250,000 Alumni Milestone

Regional Alumni Programs

Connect with 250,000 alumni worldwide by getting involved with your local Regional Alumni Club.