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Alma Mater & Fight Song

Learn the words to GW’s anthems and join others who proudly sing. From central locations on campus, you can hear the “GW Fight Song” and “Alma Mater” played on the carillon chimes daily at 12:15 and 6 p.m.

GW Alma Mater

George Roth wrote the original version of the “Alma Mater” in 1930. Dr. George Steiner, professor emeritus of music, rewrote it in 1970.

Hail Alma Mater
To thy spirit guiding,
Knowledge thy closest friend
In its strength abiding,
Pledge we fidelity
Ne'er its place resigning,
Hail thee George Washington!

GW Fight Song

The “GW Fight Song,” formally titled “Hail to the Blue and Buff,” is sung loudly and proudly at every GW sporting event. In 1924, Eugene Sweeney wrote the song titled “Buff and Blue,” which served as the fight song for the GW’s varsity football team. In 1989, Patrick M. Jones rewrote the lyrics so it could be used for any GW athletic contest. He entitled it “The GW Fight Song.”

When the “GW Fight Song” is played, tradition requires every Colonial to stand up, clap hands to the beat and belt out the lyrics. GW fans can often be seen cheering, clapping and even throwing their arms in the air when certain lyrics are sung. Incoming freshman are taught the words to the “GW Fight Song” during their Colonial Inauguration sessions:

Hail to the Buff,
Hail to the Blue,
Hail to the Buff and Blue!
All our lives we'll be proud to say,
We hail from GW!
Go Big Blue!
Oh, by George, we're happy we can say,
We're GW, here to show the way, so
Raise high the Buff!
Raise high the Blue!
Loyal to GW
You bet we're
Loyal to GW!

Listen to the GW Fight Song

GW's Pep Band performs the GW Fight Song at every home basketball game. Click on the link above to sing along with one of their performances.


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