Euonymous - 2006-2007
An E-Anthology of First-Year Writing

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The collective effort of student authors, faculty and their classes, and student and faculty editors, Euonymous (literally, “well named”) brings together some of the most compelling thinking and writing produced in the Fall 2006 semester of UW20, the first-year writing course at The George Washington University.

Table of Contents

An e-Anthology of First-Year Writing


Student Editors
Randy Caruso
Andrew Elwell
Suzanne Haggerty
Olivia Hallihan
Lauren Manasevit
Corey Pech
Ayla Pelleg
Sarah Scire
Mary Kate Sherwood

Faculty Editors
Professors Emily Bliss and
Christy J. Zink

Web Design
Professor Robbin Zeff

Euonymous is a project of the Capstone Committee of the University Writing Program at The George Washington University.

Table of Contents

Editors' Note
Emily Bliss and Christy Zink

Quick! Before Every Child Is Left Behind: Conservative Judicial Activism and Globalization in Public Education Reform
Peter Ormerod

Affairs of State and Revolution
Grace L. Troxel

Yale, Shadows, and American Royalty
David Lipson

Racism in Dance
Emma Geller

Just Throw Them Back: The Ethical Dilemma of Catch-and-Release Fishing
Alex Boodrookas

Hunger Strikes at Guantanamo Bay
Nathan Horrell

The Nation's Capital and the National Jewish Response to the
Daniella Isaacson

The Thirst in Los Angeles
Lara Gomes da Costa

Immediate and Long-Term Dilemma: American Ignorance in International Affairs and Foreign Languages
Alexandra Piscionere

A Portrait of Opulence and a Picture of Poverty
Jonathan Hosack