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Academic Credit

Participants are awarded three (3) credits on successful completion of the program:

  • Graduate/Professionals: IAFF 6521, "U.S. Foreign Policy in a Global Era",
    3 credits
  • Undergraduates: IAFF 3171, "U.S. Foreign Policy in a Global Era", 3 credits

GW will provide each participant one (1) official transcript that reflects credit awarded for non-degree, visiting student status. Additional transcripts may be purchased from the GW Office of the Registrar.

GW credit can often be transferred to another institution and may meet requirements for a degree program. Please check with your home institution for details on transfer credit.

Participants are welcome to audit the course in lieu of receiving academic credit. Auditors must attend all the classes but are not be obliged to submit any assessed work. Auditors are charged the same tuition and fees as other participants; there is no discount for auditors.

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