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"The unique and intense two-week schedule of [the USFPSP] enabled a professional like me to understand the political, economic and security implications of U.S. foreign policy in a short period of time. The top-ranked faculty, experienced guest lecturers, diverse students, excellent site visits, and great location in the U.S. capital make for an enriching learning experience. I highly recommend the program for professionals or students who want to appreciate Washington's international affairs!"

Ricardo Leon Jimenez
International Operations Manager
Lockheed Martin Corporation

"I found the George Washington University's U.S. Foreign Policy Summer [Program] an excellent introduction to the mechanics of U.S. foreign policy formulation. The opportunity to undertake site visits and interact with departmental officials, as well as with a wide range of other government and non government organizations, helped prepare me for my current role as Research Manager for a national, strategic-level think-tank."

Andrew Pickford
Research Manager, Future Directions International Pty Ltd

"I can say that attending [USFPSP] was one of the best personal and professional experiences I've ever had; well worth flying half-way around the world from Australia to attend. Although it's only been 6 months (or so) since I attended, I've already benefited greatly from [the program] and continued some very strong friendships. Aside from the fantastic experiences and opportunities offered by [USFPSP], I've since had the opportunity to meet Ambassador Richard Armitage and discuss U.S. foreign policy with him — something I attribute to having attended [USFPSP].

I can't recommend [USFPSP] strongly enough for anyone wanting an insightful and comprehensive understanding of U.S. foreign policy."

Nelson Chan
Australian Department of Defense

"[USFPSP] is a must-have program for anyone who wants to work in Washington DC. I was able to visit and tour the State Dept., the Pentagon, the World Bank, NGOs, think tanks, etc. I studied with recognized experts, visited and had the undivided attention of their staff. The question and answer sessions and the guidance of the then director Dr. Spear was very helpful as I developed my skills and knowledge in foreign policy. I highly recommend this program to all GDub students and anyone studying government, international affairs, and history."

Hannah Clancy-Thompson
MA Candidate at UM College Park

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