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Joseph Trullinger

Assistant Professor of Honors and Philosophy

Dr. Trullinger originally hails from Los Angeles county, California, but has also lived in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Mississippi. His first teaching position was at Mississippi State University, where he taught philosophy courses and was a specially appointed faculty fellow for the Honors College. When he is not teaching or writing, he enjoys listening to electronic music, studying old and esoteric things, and engaging friends in meaningful conversations.


Dr. Trullinger's main area of scholarly interest is the much-disputed connection between morality and religion in the writings of Immanuel Kant. Specifically, he explores the continuity between Kant's "ethicotheology" and previous heterodox religious thought, such as one finds in Pietism. In the future, Dr. Trullinger plans to write more about Kant's adaptation of mid-18th century German philosophy of religion. He also hopes to demonstrate parallels between early German romanticism and the critical social thought of Herbert Marcuse.


"Kant's Two Touchstones for Conviction: The Incommunicable Dimension of Moral Faith," The Review of Metaphysics 67.1 (December 2013)

"Kant's Endorsement of the Fear of God," to appear in Rethinking Kant, Vol. 4 (forthcoming)

"Kant’s Neglected Account of the Virtuous Solitary," to appear in International Philosophical Quarterly (forthcoming)

"Mirare aude!: Kantian Wonder in an Age of Calculative Thinking" to appear in Kupensky, Nick and Kang Tchou, eds. The Humanities in a Post-Humanistic Era, Aperçus: Histories, Texts, Cultures 7. Edited by Greg Clingham, Lewisburg, PA, USA: Bucknell University Press; Lanham, MD, USA and Plymouth, UK: The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., (forthcoming)


B.A., Philosophy, Bucknell University
M.A., Philosophy, University of Kentucky
Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Kentucky