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Stephen Saltzburg

Wallace and Beverley Woodbury University Professor of Law; Director of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Program

Office: 2000 H St, NW
Phone: 202-994-7089

Selected Publications:

American Criminal Procedure (First Edition 1980, Author), (Second Edition 1984, Author), (Third Edition 1988, Author), (Fourth Edition 1992, Co-Author), (Fifth Edition 1996, Co-Author), (Sixth Edition 2000, Co-Author), (Seventh Edition 2004, Co-Author), (Eighth Edition 2007, Co-author), (Ninth Edition 2010, Co-Author)

Basic Criminal Procedure (Co-Author) (First Edition 1994, Second Edition 1997, Third Edition 2003, Fourth Edition 2005, Fifth Edition 2009)

California and Federal Evidence Trial Book (Co-Author) (1999)

Criminal Law: Cases and Materials (Co-Author) (First Edition, 1994, Second Edition 2000, Third Edition, 2008)

Emerging Problems Under the Federal Rules of Evidence (First Edition 1983, Reporter); (Second Edition 1991, Reporter); (Third Edition 1998, Contributing Editor)

Evidence in America (4 Volumes) (Co-Author) (1987)

Evidence: The Objection Method (Co-Author) (First Edition 1997), (Second Edition 2002) (Third Edition 2007)

Evidence Supplement: Rules, Statutes, Commentary (1980)

Federal Criminal Jury Instructions (Co-Author) (3 Volumes, First Edition, 1985, Second Edition 1991)

Federal Rules of Evidence Manual (Co-Author) (First Edition 1975), (Second Edition 1977), (Third Edition 1982), (Fourth Edition 1986), (Fifth Edition 1990), (Sixth Edition 1994), (Seventh Edition 1998), (Eighth Edition 2002), (Ninth Edition 2006)

Federal Rules of Evidence Manual: The Trial Book (1998)

Federal Rules of Evidence Trial Book (1998)

Materials on International Human Rights and U.S. Criminal Law and Procedure (Collaboration) (1989)

Military Evidentiary Foundations (Co-Author) (First Edition 1994), (Second Edition 2000), (Third Edition 2007), (Fourth Edition 2010)

Military Rules of Evidence Manual (Co-Author) (First Edition 1981), (Second Edition 1986), (Third Edition 1991), (Fourth Edition 1997), (Fifth Edition 2003), (Sixth Edition 2007)

A Modern Approach to Evidence (Co-Author) (First Edition 1977) (Second Edition 1982)

Ohio Rules of Evidence Trial Book Co-Author) (1999)

Principles of Evidence (Co-Author) (5th ed. 2009)

Texas Rules of Evidence Trial Book (Co-Author) (First Edition 2000, Second Edition 2010)

Trial Tactics (First Edition 2007) (Second Edition 2009)

Trying Cases to Win: Anatomy of a Trial (Co-Author) (1999)

Trying Cases to Win: Evidence: Weapons for WinningBHearsay, Confrontation (Co- Author) (2003)

Trying Cases to Win: Evidence: Weapons for WinningCLay Witness and Expert Opinion (Co-Author) (2004)

Trying Cases to Win: Evidence: Weapons for WinningBRelevance, Authentication, Motions in Limine, Voir Dire, Depositions (Co-Author) (2000)

Washington Evidence Trial Book (Co-Author) (1999)


A.B., Dickinson College, 1967; J.D., University of Pennsylvania