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Class of 2012

" I enjoyed our study together in Origins and Arts and World Culture; it was my privilege to teach and to learn from you." - Professor Cheryl Vann

Congratulations to the 2012 graduates of the University Honors Program at The George Washington University!

Your time in the program has been marked by substantial change, motivated and inspired by your academic hunger and intellectual excellence. You've shown yourselves to be a class full of individuals, united by a love for the Honors Program, and committed to making it a powerful presence on campus. As Honors students, you chose to take the greater challenge that only the dedicated, bright, and persistent would embark upon. As Honors graduates, you have completed that challenge.

"Ah, what can I say? Curious, witty, inquisitive, challenging, and kind to each other. Conversations that began in Origins four years ago still continue when I meet our graduates around campus. What a group! I look forward to following their futures -- as military officers, lawyers, teachers, government officials, scientists, and many other paths...... " - Professor Robert Shepherd

As freshmen, many of you were housed in Lafayette, and as sophomores you may have lived in Munson. During your time at GW, you witnessed the change of a US President, democratic revolutions in the Middle East, and the demise of the world's most wanted terrorist. You said goodbye to Jordana Cole and hello to Liz Sutton. The Honors Program Office opened its doors for study hours during finals, and you filled our rooms while we provided hot cocoa, coffee and more. We had 8 Student-Faculty dinners together, took 4 trips to hike in the mountains, and chatted with world renowned leaders in our classrooms.

You used our townhouse the way it was meant to be used. We helped you navigate through your majors, your classes, and all the various twists and turns of college life at GW. After all that, we know you are prepared to take on this next chapter of your life. We will miss you, and hope you choose to stay in touch with us through Facebook, check in with us on our blog, and maybe stop in for a cup of coffee the next time you're in the neighborhood.

About Your Class

Class Size: 64

60% of you are heading directly into the work force, and about 15% of your class will soon start on service or Fellowship work.

28% will be immediately embarking on further education.

60% plan to seek higher education in the future.

Graduates by Name

Jenny Alexander
Denise Baltuskonis
Shweta Bansil
Kelsey Bennett
Meagan Byrne
Cassandra LaRussa
Elise Chen
Clement Christensen
Margaret Christenson
Seth Christman
Raj Chudgar
Alex Conlan
Moire Corcoran
Andrea Devis
Brian Dittmeier
Michael Feinberg
Jessica Fern
Mark Freedman
Spencer Frenchman
Estee Gabel
Anna Garrison
Giavana Coluccio


Carly Gibbs
Nicholas Giovacchini
Ashley Gomez
Leah Grubb
Sara Harrington
Tamara Hon
James Baumbusch
Gail Jankowski
Deanna Jensen
Kendra Johnson
Jeanette Kaiser
Elyssa Kaplan
Patrick Kearns
Briel Kobak
Michelle Loizeaux
Madeline Abel
Daniel Magalotti
Nabeela Malik
Kelly Mannes
Matthew Wilson
Emily Melvin

Eliza Mette
Katie Mikalnik
Madeleine O'Connor
Rajdeep Kapoor
Sushmitha Rajeevan
Rebecca Remis
James Robinson
Jonathan Robinson
Allison Rohde
Christopher Rossi
William Schreiber
Kareem Shaban
Marianne Spencer
Caitlin Summers
Daniel Trombly
Lauren Turek
Adam Vaughn
Jonathan Warner
Grace Warrick
Monika Wysocki
Geena Yu