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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most common questions. Please note that these FAQs are not official policy of the UHP and all answers may not be accurate for your situation. You should always consult the student handbook for your year for official policies that pertain to you. If there are any discrepencies with the information here and what's written in the student handbook for your year, the information in the student handbook will prevail. If you still can't find the answer here or elsewhere on the site, contact the UHP.

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General questions about the UHP:

Questions for prospective and non-Honors students:

  • Why apply to the UHP? Why would I want to be in it?

    You should only apply to the UHP if you want to be in the UHP. Some of the best parts of the UHP are small, discussion-based courses on topics not frequently found elsewhere within the University; dedicated faculty; advising specifically for UHP students; optional housing communities for freshmen and sophomores; early registration in the second, third and fourth semesters; the option to take up to 18 credit hours in the first two years with no additional tuition charge; access to some of the best professors at the University, and a great community of fantastic students.
  • What's the minimum GPA/SAT/ACT score I need to get into the UHP?

    There are no hard and fast cut offs for these numbers. The entirety of an application is considered, and it is evaluated against the applicant pool. If you would like to be in the UHP, you should apply to be in the UHP.
  • Do I have to be in the Honors Program to take an Honors class?

    Not necessarily. Some Honors classes are available to non-Honors students. Check with the UHP first, fill out the RTF-EZ, seek the approval of the instructor, then drop off the form at the UHP office.
  • I didn't apply to the UHP when I applied to GW. Can I still apply to the UHP?

    If you're a prospective student and your application is still being considered (or you were accepted ED), contact the admissions office and ask if you can amend your application. If you're a current student or an admissions decision has already been made, you can apply to the UHP during the second semester of your freshman year.
  • What scholarships are attached to being in the UHP?

    None. Our students do tend to win many scholarships from GW and elsewhere, but membership in the UHP is not directly attached to any sort of financial aid.
  • How many extra classes do I need to take if I'm in the UHP?

    About one-quarter of your classes at GWU would end up being Honors classes. Most of our classes satisfy requirements in the schools and departments at GWU, and so often replace classes you'd be taking otherwise. Remember: if you're in the UHP, required Honors classes are never "extra" classes. You may find them to be more interesting, more challenging, more edifying, and more rewarding, though.
  • Can I use AP or IB credits to "get out of" Honors classes?

    No. Honors classes are not interchangable with any course work done in high school or at other universities.
  • What degrees can I get in the Honors Program?

    The Honors Program is not an honors college, and so does not grant its own degrees. Students in the UHP can major in whatever they'd like through their home departments.

Questions for current students: