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This page is regularly updated to include faculty teaching for the Honors Program during either the current semester or next semester. A listing on this page does not necessarily guarantee that a professor is teaching during the current or any future semesters. Check the schedule of classes to find which course a professor is teaching.

Hossein Askari

Iran Professor of International Business and International Affairs

Eyal Aviv

Assistant Professor of Honors and Religious Studies & International Affairs

Barbara von Barghahn-Calvetti

Professor of Art History

Rebecca Boylan

Adjunct Professor of Honors

Michael Bradley

Professor of Economics and International Affairs

Theodore Christov

Assistant Professor of Honors, History, and International Affairs

Bethany Cobb Kung

Assistant Professor of Honors and Physics

Ingrid Creppell

Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

Maria Frawley

Professor of English and Director, University Honors Program

Robert Goldfarb

Professor Emeritus of Economics and Public Policy

David Alan Grier

Associate Professor of International Science and Technology Policy

Carly Jordan

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences in Women's Leadership Program

Jill Kasle

Associate Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration

LaTisha Hammond

Assistant Professor of Honors and Biology

Houston Miller

Professor of Chemistry

Mark Ralkowski

Assistant Professor of Honors and Philosophy

Walter Reich

Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Professor of International Affairs, Ethics & Human Behavior, & Psychological & Behaviorial Science

Joseph Trullinger

Assistant Professor of Honors and Philosophy

Cheryl Vann

Adjunct Professor of Honors

William Winstead

Assistant Professor of Honors and Political Science

University Professors

Michael Barnett

University Professor of International Affairs & Political Science

Peter Caws

University Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Human Sciences

Martha Finnemore

University Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

Vanessa Northington Gamble

University Professor of Medical Humanities and Professor of Health Policy & of American Studies

Ivy Ken

Associate Professor of Sociology

Ferid Murad

University Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Professor of Medicine

Seyyed Nasr

University Professor of Islamic Studies

Stephen Saltzburg

Wallace and Beverley Woodbury University Professor of Law; Director of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Program

Margaret Soltan

Associate Professor of English

Stephen Joel Trachtenberg

University Professor of Public Service; President Emeritus of the University

Bernard Wood

University Professor of Human Origins and Professor of Human Evolutionary Anatamy

Faculty Fellows 2014-2015

Elisabeth Anker

Assistant Professor of American Studies

Nemata Blyden

Associate Professor of History and International Affairs

Rene Bobe

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Bibiana Obler

Associate Professor of Art History

Affiliated Faculty

Ron Dworkin

Professorial Lecturer in Honors

Helen McManus

Professorial Lecturer in Honors

Oscar Zimerman

Professorial Lecturer in Honors