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Rebecca Boylan

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Honors

Phone: 202-994-3204

Dr. Boylan's primary teaching goal is to encourage and mentor students to find ways to intellectually imagine and articulate critical thinking questions and responses to the ideas in great works. As a scholar, she explores ways the imagistic language of a particular writer illuminates a nuanced truth of human nature, from how/why we know, desire, and fear to how/why we express, re-create, refine or destroy who we are.

Honors Courses:

HONR 015: Origins of Human Thought
HONR 047: Arts & World


Dr. Boylan's research interests include classical influences in nineteenth and twentieth century British literature and art. Identity studies in nineteenth and twentieth century British literature and art, and normative ethics in nineteenth and twentieth century British literature.


Ph.D. 2006, The George Washington University
M.A.T. 1977, University of Chicago
B.A. 1975, Carleton College


(2007). Review of Scott Rode, Reading and Mapping Hardy's Roads. The Thomas Hardy Journal 23 (Autumn).

(2006). "Phantom Photographs: The Camera's Pursuit and Description of Consciousness in Jude the Obscure". The Thomas Hardy Journal 21 (Autumn): 72-84.

"Swine and Roses: Dangerous Desire in Hardy and Waterhouse's Odysseys". Pending Review.

"The Sphinx's Phantasmagoria: Lucy Snowe's Midnight Journey East to Self" Pending Review.

The Moving Still: Ekphrasis in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel. Monograph.  (in progress).