Science and Commerce in Space: Balancing Public and Private Sector Interests

co-sponsored with the Universities Space Research Association
March 28, 2014
Capitol Holiday Inn
550 C Street SW
Washington, DC

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Target NEO 2: Open Community Workshop

co-sponsored with Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp.
July 9 2013
National Academy of Sciences Building
Washington DC

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The Humans to Mars Summit

co-sponsored with Explore Mars Inc.
May 6-8, 2013
Lisner Auditorium
George Washington University

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Science, Technology and Exploration: Research for Today, Training for Tomorrow

co-sponsored with the Universities Space Research Association
March 28, 2013
Capitol Holiday Inn
550 C Street SW
Washington, DC

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Columbia + 10: Lessons Learned and Unlearned

co-sponsored with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
March 8, 2013
Continental Ballroom
Marvin Center Third Floor
800 21st Street NW
Washington, DC

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Politics, Science and the Media: Advancing the public interest or special interests?
featuring Dr. Linda Billings

co-sponsored with the GW School of Media and Public Affairs
February 5, 2013

Dr. Linda Billings discussed the politics of the U.S. space program and the key issues that form the basis of how we understand space exploration. She also addressed the role of largely unknown but powerful organizations like the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Academy of Sciences and the media's tendency to rely on their expertise.


SPI Visiting Scholar Speaks at JAXA Washington Office

SPI Professor Featured in GW Magazine

SPI Director Delivers Testimony in Senate Hearing

SPI Director Delivers Statement in Congressional Hearing

SPI Associate Director Delivers Statement in Congressional Hearing

SPI Director Awarded AIAA Durand Lectureship in Public Service

Air Force General Shelton, Commander of AFSPC, Speaks at an SPI Seminar: "Space and Cyberspace: Enduring Missions in a Changing World"

SPI Director on Radio Panel, Diane Rehm Show, NPR

SPI Professor Pascale Ehrenfreund Interviewed by Forbes

SPI Director's New Collaborative Book Looks Into the Future of American Space

SPI Faculty Article in AAAS's Science Looks Into Human Lunar Heritage

SPI Director on India Mars Mission in NewScientist

SPI Alumna, Emma Hinds, Recognized by Satellite Industry with 2013 Promise Award

SPI and Beijing Institute of Technology's Institute of Space Law Sign Joint Statement in Beijing

SPI Director Weighs Public and Private Interests at the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

SPI Director Gives Presentation at NextGen Ahead Conference on the Future of GPS

SPI Director Discusses Space Industry, Policy and Inspiration at Home and Abroad on The Space Show

SPI Professor Emeritus John Logsdon to Receive Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal from IAF

SPI Director and SPI Professor Emeritus Review Time in Office as Former NASA Deputy Administrator Steps Down

SPI Director Tells Washington Post TV What to Expect from Space

To the Point Interviews SPI Director on Future of Space

SPI Director Interviewed on Plan for US Lunar Park

SPI Alumna Laura Delgado López to Participate in MIT/Skoltech Initiative in July, Moscow

SPI Professor Pascale Ehrenfreund elected President of Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

GWU Faculty Honored at AIAA Awards Gala

SPI Visiting Scholar Speaks at JAXA Washington Office

SPI Director Scott Pace Writes Guest Blog for The Diplomat

George Washington University Team Competes in Quarter Finals of 2013 North American Space Law Moot Court Competition

SPI Alumna to Moderate NASA's First Spanish Language Google+ Hangout

C-SPAN, SpacePolicyOnline, The Space Review and Aviation Week cover SPI-AIAA Event, "Columbia+10: Lessons Learned and Unlearned"

SPI Professor Henry Hertzfeld interviewed on The Space Show

Papers by SPI Faculty named in Science Direct's Top 25 Hottest Articles from Advances in Space Research for 2012

SPI Director Scott Pace cited by Der Spiegel


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