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Data privacy is a burning issue

By Scott Pace



Launch Dilemna: The role of the commercial sector in America's space program

By Mia Brown

Improving Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science as a Policy Mechanism for NASA

By Brittany Balcom

Space Wars; Why Our Space Systems Need an Upgrade 

By Deganit Paikowsky

Encouraging Private Investment in Space: Does the current space law regime need to be changed? (Part 1)

By Jonathan Babcock



Why did the United States retreat from the moon?

By John Logsdon

Is JFK-Style Leadership the Catalyst?

By Raphael Perrino



International Cooperation on Human Lunar Heritage

By Henry Hertzfeld & Scott Pace

Policy Innovation in Human Space Flight

By Scott Pace

Responsible Space Exploration and Use: Balancing Stakeholder Interests
By Pascale Ehrenfreund, Margaret Race, David Labdon

European Space Research in Support of International Partnerships
By Pedro Rosa, Pascale Ehrenfreund, Gerda Horneck, Gerhardt Thiele

Administrative reform of Japanese Space Policy Structures in 2012
By Keiichi Anan

John F. Kennedy and "The Right Stuff"
By John Logsdon



The Development of the Space Environment Viability of Organics Experiment aboard the Organism/Organics Exposure to Orbital Stresses Satellite.
By Pascale Ehrenfreund

Economics and Financing of Satellite Communications

By Henry Hertzfeld

A Space Launch without a Space Program
By Scott Pace

Strengthening Space Security: Advancing US Interests in Outer Space
By Scott Pace

The Survival Crisis of the U.S. Solar System Exploration Program
By John Logsdon



Toward a Global Space Exploration Program: A Stepping Stone Approach
By Pascale Ehrenfreund

John F. Kennedy's Space Legacy and Its Lessons for Today
By John Logsdon

A new US approach to human spaceflight?
By John Logsdon

Change and continuity in US space policy
By John Logsdon

Aerospace America: Conversation with Scott Pace

By James W. Canan

A Review of NASA's Exploration Program in Transition: Issues for Congress and Industry (House Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee Hearing Testimony)
By Scott Pace



Active Space Debris Removal: Needs, Implications, and Recommendations for Today's Geopolitical Environment

By Megan Ansdell

The Strategic Significance of Compass
By Scott Pace

CubeSats: Cost-effective science and technology platforms for emerging and developing nations
By Kirk Woellert, Pascale Ehrenfreund, Antonio J. Ricco, and Henry Hertzfeld

Stepping stones toward global space exploration
By M. Ansdell, P. Ehrenfruend, and C. McKay

Policy making in China's space program: A history and analysis of the Chang'e lunar orbiter project
By Patrick Besha

The Commercialization of Space in Science Fiction Movies: The Key to Sustainability or the Road to a Capitalist Dystopia?
By Laura Delgado

The NORAD Experience: Implications for international space surveillance sharing
By James C. Bennett

The Coast Guard Model: A Third Organizational Option for International SSA Data Sharing and Other US Space Responsibilities
By James C. Bennett

The USA and arms control in space: An IR analysis
By Mischa Hansel

A Legal Note on Space Accidents

By Henry Hertzfeld and Ben Basely-Walker

NASA Productivity
By Thomas Coonce, Robert Bitten, Joseph Hamaker, and Henry Hertzfeld

Projections for future funding of NASA and NASA science activities: Reassessing the Obama FY 2010 budget request
By C. N. Hartman

Building long-term constituencies for space exploration: The challenge of raising public awareness and engagement in the United States and in Europe

By Pascale Ehrenfreund, Nicolas Peter, and L. Billings

Cross Cultural Management Supporting Global Space Exploration

By John M. Logsdon, Pascale Ehrenfreund, Nicolas Peter, and Kai-Uwe Schrogl


The Civil Sector
By John M. Logsdon

The Case for Space: Examining the Value
By Scott Pace

Space for Improvement at NASA
By Scott Pace

Book Review of Truth, Lies, and O-Rings
By John M. Logsdon


Has Space Development Made a Difference?
By John M. Logsdon

The Space Station is - Finally - International
By John M. Logsdon and Alain Dupas



Human Space Flight and National Power
By John M. Logsdon

The Moon is a Land Without Sovereignty: Will it be a Business-Friendly Environment?
By Henry R. Hertzfeld

Book Review of The Dark Side of the Moon
By John M. Logsdon



Bringing Space Law into the Commercial World: Property Rights without Sovereignty
By Henry R. Hertzfeld and Frans G. von der Dunk



Socioeconomic Conditions and the Space Sector
By Henry R. Hertzfeld and Michel Fouquin


A Sustainable Rationale for Human Spaceflight
By John M. Logsdon



Weather Satellites and the Economic Value of Forecasts: Evidence from the Electric Power Industry
By Henry R. Hertzfeld, Ray A. Williamson and Avery Sen


Reflections on Space as a Vital National Interest
By John M. Logsdon


Finding a Path to Space Power

By John M. Logsdon


Just Say Wait to Space Power

By John M. Logsdon




»SPI Director, Scott Pace, testifies in front of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Subcommittee on Environment on NOAA Utilization of Commercial Remote Sensing Data.

»SPI Director, Scott Pace, testifies in front of the Senate Commerce, Science, & Transportation committee on U.S. Human Exploration Goals and Commercial Space Competitiveness. His testimony is available online.

»SPI Professor Emeritus John Logsdon discusses his upcoming book titled After Apollo: Richard Nixon and the American Space Program at the National Air and Space Museum

»SPI Hosts Brett Biddington AM for Discussion on Space Activities in Australia: Challeneges, Opportunities and Responsibilities

»SPI Graduate Student Jordan Sotudeh Writes Op-Ed for Space News

»SPI Director Speaks at Atlantic Council event, The Final Frontier: Renewing America's Space Program

»SPI Director Writes Op-Ed for Aviation Week

»SPI Graduate Student Zack Hester Writes Op-Ed for Space News

»SPI Director Discusses National Security Space Launch and the Industrial Base: Issues and Opportunities at the Marshall Institute

»SPI Director Part of US Delegation to UNCOPUOS

»SPI Director Interviewed by KPCC on Conflict in Space

»SPI Director Interviewed by NPR on SpaceX-ULA Lawsuit

»Space Policy Institute Luncheon with Representative Frank Wolf

»SPI Research Associate Published in WPR

»SPI Visiting Scholar Speaks at JAXA Washington Office

»SPI Professor Featured in GW Magazine

»SPI Director Delivers Testimony in Senate Hearing

»SPI Director Delivers Statement in Congressional Hearing

»SPI Associate Director Delivers Statement in Congressional Hearing

»SPI Director Awarded AIAA Durand Lectureship in Public Service

»Air Force General Shelton, Commander of AFSPC, Speaks at an SPI Seminar: "Space and Cyberspace: Enduring Missions in a Changing World"

»SPI Director on Radio Panel, Diane Rehm Show, NPR

»SPI Professor Pascale Ehrenfreund Interviewed by Forbes

»SPI Director's New Collaborative Book Looks Into the Future of American Space

»SPI Faculty Article in AAAS's Science Looks Into Human Lunar Heritage

»SPI Director on India Mars Mission in NewScientist

»SPI Alumna, Emma Hinds, Recognized by Satellite Industry with 2013 Promise Award

»SPI and Beijing Institute of Technology's Institute of Space Law Sign Joint Statement in Beijing

»SPI Director Weighs Public and Private Interests at the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

»SPI Director Gives Presentation at NextGen Ahead Conference on the Future of GPS

»SPI Director Discusses Space Industry, Policy and Inspiration at Home and Abroad on The Space Show

»SPI Professor Emeritus John Logsdon to Receive Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal from IAF

»SPI Director and SPI Professor Emeritus Review Time in Office as Former NASA Deputy Administrator Steps Down

»SPI Director Tells Washington Post TV What to Expect from Space

»To the Point Interviews SPI Director on Future of Space

»SPI Director Interviewed on Plan for US Lunar Park

»SPI Alumna Laura Delgado López to Participate in MIT/Skoltech Initiative in July, Moscow

»SPI Professor Pascale Ehrenfreund elected President of Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

»GWU Faculty Honored at AIAA Awards Gala

»SPI Visiting Scholar Speaks at JAXA Washington Office

»SPI Director Scott Pace Writes Guest Blog for The Diplomat

»George Washington University Team Competes in Quarter Finals of 2013 North American Space Law Moot Court Competition

»SPI Alumna to Moderate NASA's First Spanish Language Google+ Hangout

»C-SPAN, SpacePolicyOnline, The Space Review and Aviation Week cover SPI-AIAA Event, "Columbia+10: Lessons Learned and Unlearned"

»SPI Professor Henry Hertzfeld interviewed on The Space Show

»Papers by SPI Faculty named in Science Direct's Top 25 Hottest Articles from Advances in Space Research for 2012

»SPI Director Scott Pace cited by Der Spiegel


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