Announcements for GWU PAd/PPol 202
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PAd/PPol 202 will meet in accordance with official GWU decisions.
GWU E-mail Forwarding Option

Amid all the email you receive from GW and TSPPPA are vitally important notices and updates! So it's important to check your GW email regularly.

If you do not want to have to track a new email account, you can go to and then click on the "GW Account Management Console" in the lower left column.  You can set it to forward all your GW email to your preferred email account.  Be sure to send a test email yourself to your GW email address to make sure it gets forwarded properly.
GW's SPSS Computer Labs
In semesters past, the following locations are 24 hour computer labs have not usually been booked as classrooms, so they should be open (although they may or may not have an available computer open):
  • Rome Hall B104
  • Rome Hall B1 Hallway
  • Marvin Center G04
  • Gelman B05
  • Eckles 113
  • Duques Hall 155
  • Gelman B04F Hallway
Also, the following computer labs may or may not be available depending on whether scheduled labs are meeting:
-- Phillips 306     -- Rome 205      -- Acheson 101
For SPSS practice, Jenny Reed thought you might enjoy exploring this large, recent, national survey conducted by Pew Research.

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