Supplemental Internet Links
Adams GWU Research Methods
GWU:  Public Policy Guide

GWU:  Public Administration Guide

Excellent guides to Gelman Library and online resources. 
GWU Gelman Library - a useful web site for the main GW library; it includes Alladin, the online library catalogue.

Library of Congress - a thorough introduction to the services, resources, and holdings of the amazing library just a few Metro stops away from campus.
US Government on the Web:
"FirstGov" - a good summary site for practical information about the federal government.
Executive Branch Web Sites - a master list of web sites of federal departments and agencies.
Legislative Branch - Thomas - an excellent center for information about Congress and the legislative process.
Judicial Branch Resources - an annotated list of web sites related to the federal judiciary and the U.S. Code.
G P O 
The US Government Printing Office site has useful resources such as:

Government Information Locator Service is "a new way to identify, locate, and describe publicly available Federal information resources, including electronic information resources. GILS records identify public information resources within the Federal Gov., describe the information available in these resources, and assist in obtaining the information."

Browse by Topics helpfully arranges government sites by subject topic.

The Federal Register is the official publication for Presidential Documents and Executive Orders, and for Notices, Rules, and Proposed Rules from federal agencies.

The Code of Federal Regulation is the codification of the rules published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and federal agencies. 

The Congressional Record provides the official record of daily proceedings and debates of the U.S. Congress. 

The United States Government Manual offers a lucid overview of each federal agency. - A good place to search for Federal reports and other "information disseminated by the Federal government."

Data on the Web:

FedStats - a guide to federal data on the internet.

Data Sources - another annotated listing of federal data compilations on the web.

County & City Data Books - an amazing service that lets you pick jurisdictions, pick variables, and generates easily downloadable files that can transfer into SPSS.

National Election Surveys - alows you free downloading of U.S. election surveys (since 1948) in convenient SPSS datasets.

Net Data Search - canvasses over 300 Internet sites of social science data.

BLS Online Data - user friendly access to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' mountain of time series data, often in customizable and downloadable form.

Online Statistics Texts


Stat Handbook

Stats at Sq One

SurfStat Australia

GAO Stat Intro

Visual Stats 

Intro Stats



Knowledge Base Perhaps the sole research methods text (includes some stats) online; while it has its idiosyncracies, it's mostly mainstream.

Most major public policy Think Tanks
around the world are compiled in this list.
Miscellaneous links:

Government Executive Magazine

State & Local Government Links

National Political Index

Full Coverage - an excellent summary of links to key stories about current news events. 

STATS - interesting critiques of statistics cited recently in the news media. 

A few diversionary and/or semi-controversial
sites having little to do directly with 202:

The Onion  
Drudge Report  
Camille Paglia  
Urban Legends  
Andrew Sullivan  
Letterman Top 10  
The New Republic  
WSJ OpinionJournal  

Media links:

Vanderbilt TV News Archive

Slate's Newspaper Digests

Center for Media & Public Affairs

Electronic Social Science Journals

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