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Introduction Translation tips
Letter grades
Literature review tips
Home page for the projection book
Meta-Analysis Meta-Analysis: Studies of Negative Ads
Meta-Analysis: Mail Survey Responses
Meta-Analysis: Phonics for Teaching Reading

Different Statistical Strategies in Meta-Analysis
Good short  recap of different approaches to assessing the results from all the studies located using meta-analysis.

Qualities of Good Questions
20 Questions about Surveys 
Summary of key issues in evaluating a survey.

Probably the single best web site for thoughtful and lively discussions of current polling results and controversies.
Pollster.Com/Polls - summary of recent poltical polls.

Tests and Measures in Social Sciences 
Compilations of thousands of usable question sets.
Major survey firms in the USA.
Guide to polling data from the US and the world.
Survey Association's Code of Ethics 
Ethics page links to minimum disclosure standards
GWU Battleground Poll:  December 2007  
Full questionnaire for a recent nationwide survey of 1,000 registered, likely voters, with time-series bar charts of the results and links to partisan analyses of the findings.

Sampling Issues Sample Size Calculator
Interactive calculator for finding the needed sample size.
Best Mailing Lists - A leader supplier of mailing lists.
Survey Sampling Inc. - Top company selling random (and targeted) samples for  telephone and other surveys.

Cell Phone Survey Issues 
Wm Adams, "Grenada Update"  
Uses the least orthodox sample that the author ever published, but the beach was beautiful.
Pew Study of Response Rates 
Finds that, despite increasinlgy high refusal rates, respondents are still representative of the population.

Jewish Population Survey 
A large nationwide study of a "rare"  population (W.Post, 9/11/03, p.4) which faced major challenges regarding sampling, screening, and response rates.
Illustrative web surveys conducted by Wm Adams:
EPA National Survey of Cameo Users

Bureau of Land Mgt. Employee Survey

Online survey software & hosting online surveys: -- perhaps the best

Conducting Surveys via E-mail & the Web
Executive summary of a good Rand monograph.
SPSS SPSS - Web site for the software giant.

Good SPSS Tutorials
Indiana - Highly detailed tips for getting started and for univariate procedures.
Texas - Go to bottom of page for menu for SPSS tutorials; includes some issues (syntax) that apply only to the unabridged SPSS version.
Furman - Good for getting started, t-tests, correlation, scatterplots. Current version is very similar to 10.0.
Birmingham, UK - Least cluttered presentation with nice graphics; current version is very similar to 10.0.

Good SPSS Movies!
Texas A&M - Dozens of movies show how to exploit the many features of SPSS; no comment on the charming Texas accent.
UCLA - Six helpful movies on getting started with SPSS; plus links to other SPSS resources.

Measurement Levels of Measurement -  see links 1, 2, and 3.
Basic Stats - Interesting site for univariate stats. 

Confidence Interval Calculator
Wm Adams, "Opinion and Foreign Policy"  - Written during the Cold War, but the basic findings still seem to fit. Illustratess how published references to polls may *not* always report confidence intervals (1) the author's points do not depend on plus or minus three or four percent and (2) certain audiences can be expected to have a good idea about the general accuracy of major national surveys.
& Crosstabs
Significance Tests
Chi-square Calculator
Causal Inference &
Research Design
Knowledge Base - Perhaps the only online research methods textbook (includes some stats); it has its idiosyncracies, but is mostly mainstream.

Primer - a good "Campbell & Stanley" summary
Experiments: Basics Research Design Basics - a good British overview of "social experiments" (randomized field experiments)

Sarcasm & a short-term experiment
Twinkies test & another twinkies test
Experiments: Threats Wm Adams & D. Smith, "Effects of Telephone Canvassing..."  - one of the first published studies of a field experiment testing a campaign technique.
T-tests Wm Adams et al., "Power of The Right Stuff"
External Validity Generalizing from students to professionals?
QUASI-EXPERIMENTS (& Multivariate Stats)
Quasi-Experiments &
Correlational Designs
Diverse Definitions of Quasi-Experiments.
N.C. HIV Testing study (large pdf file)
Father Absence & Youth Incarceration - Example of a correlational study
Time Series Longitudinal Research - a British tutorial
"Crime & Punishment..." M. Reynolds
Guess r from the scatterplot - an excellent interactive way to acquire a good idea of what correlations look like. Other versions are here and here.
Instant regression line - as you click points for a scatterplot, it draws the regression line and calculates r
More regression fun - more elements to manipulate, plus watch things change when you drag an outlier closer.
Regression analysis with SPSS - a good tutorial

Wm Adams, "As New Hampshire Goes..."
      (wait a moment for entire article to load)
Scatterplots "Gapminder" - surely the most amazing live-action scatterplot on the web today!
World Trends, 2005 - a remarkable presentation with moving scatterplots and other brilliant graphics; just click on "full screen," then start clicking "start," and prepared to be impressed.
"Treemap" - an odd name for a clever system using size, color, and position to graphically display several variables; not a scatterplot, but very cool.  (These are sometimes called "mosaic" displays.)
Wm Adams, "Whose Lives Count?"
The Longevity Game - based on an underlying multiple regression equation that recalculates each time you change the unstandardized slope for a predictor variable.
Pi Alpha Alpha Online Journal
GWU's Policy Perspectives
Methodological Jargon Generator
Content Analysis Wm Adams,"TV News & Terror in Cambodia"
Vanderbilt TV New Archive
CA Software:  Listings & Summaries
& Reviews 
Focus Groups What are Focus Groups? - Short summary of focus groups issues.
Focus Groups - a fairly similar British perspective with minor variations. 
Case Studies Types of Case Studies - a short summary
Case Study Methods - a good practical GAO summary
Electronic Audience Response Systems "Perception Analyzer"
Ethical Issues
Stanford Prison Experiment - Despite Zimbardo's  "agenda" and other shortcomings, a chilling study.
Milgram's Shocking Experiment
Thoughts on Milgram & Zimbardo
Controversy over the medical use of placebos
Johns Hopkins experiment on lead poisoning
Proper Citations for Internet References
National Academy of Sciences, "On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct In Research"
"Humanity at Last Alone" by William Pfaff -
As the West abandons its traditional basis for ethics.
Summary and Review Report Evaluation- Important characteristics of a good report of an empirical research study.
Key Questions - List of essential questions to answer when designing or evaluating an empirical research study.
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