Are We What We Eat?

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Judaic Studies Program, The George Washington University

Columbian College of Arts and Sciences offers an interdisciplinary program in Judaic Studies leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. This program is intended for students who wish to investigate the history, language, literature, religious and philosophical thought, and political and social experience of the Jewish people from the perspective of several academic disciplines. The Judaic Studies Program endeavors to :

enable students from diverse backgrounds to investigate one of the oldest continuous cultural traditions in world history, both in its internal dynamics and its interactions with other civilizations, using the best critical methods of various pertinent academic disciplines;
provide opportunities of interaction for GWU faculty and graduate students in different Departments with research and teaching interests in Judaic Studies;
attract visiting scholars and guest speakers to the campus, thereby enriching the intellectual and cultural life of the GWU community;
serve as a resource of scholarship on aspects of Judaica for the greater Washington community

For more information visit GWU's Judaic Studies Program website or call (202) 994-2190.

Lilith Magazine

Lilith, the nation’s independent non-profit Jewish women’s quarterly is named after the legendary predecessor of Eve, who insisted on equality with Adam. For 27 years, Lilith has been a unique voice, speaking out on the interrelationships of Jewish identity and feminism, and serving as a resource center and as a catalyst for action on behalf of Jewish women.  For more information visit the magazine’s website or send an email to

American Institute of Wine and Food

Founded by Julia, Child, Robert Mondavi, Richard Graff and others in 1981, The American Institute of Wine & Food is an educational organization devoted to improving the appreciation, understanding and accessibility of food and drink. We share our passion for knowledge of food and drink with our membership and with a broad public through our chapters, programs, and publications. For more information visit AIWF's website or call 1-800-274-AIWF (2493).

Jewish Women International

Jewish Women International (JWI), founded in 1897, is a global community of women celebrating leadership, independence, and economic security. Through innovative action, advocacy and education initiatives, JWI is leading the change to end domestic abuse in the Jewish community. Guided by a vision of a safe world for women and children, each of our anti-violoence initiatives promotes the highest form of tzedakah by helping women and children become independent and help themselves. More information can be found at JWI's website or by calling 1-800-343-2823.

Jewish Women's Archive

The mission of the Jewish Women's Archive is to uncover, chronicle and transmit the rich legacy of Jewish women and their contributions to our families and communities, to our people and our world. JWA is based in Boston, and has programs operating in communities around North America.  For more information visit JWA's website or call 617-232-2258.

Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington

The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington and its Lilian & Albert Small Jewish Museum preserve, chronicle, and present the story of the local jewish community through archival collections, exhibits, educational programs, publications, and the restoration and preservation of the oldest synagogoue building in the nation's capital.  For more information on the Society's activities and collections call 202-789-0900 or email info@jhsgw,org.



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