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Institute for Magnetics Research

The George Washington University
Virginia Campus
20101 Academic Way, Suite 227
Ashburn, VA 20147-2604

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  (703) 726-8266
  (703) 726-8251
Download the IMR logo for MSOffice documents.

To download the IMR logo:

1- Right click on the link above and choose "Save Target As" in Internet Explorer, or "Save Link As" in Netscape Communicator.
2- "Save As..." window will pop up. Choose the location where you want to save the logo file "imrlogo.emf" for further use and Click on "Save" button.

To insert the IMR logo in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents:

1- Click on "Insert" tab at top of Word or PowerPoint window,
2- Move your mouse over "Picture" and select "From File..."
3- When "Insert Picture" window pops up, locate the IMR logo file named "imrlogo.emf" and click on "Insert" to paste the logo into your document.