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Undergraduate Course Offerings – Spring 2015

Middle Eastern Literature

ARAB 4002 – Arabic Narratives through the Ages
Bonnah, A
MW 12:45 – 2:00pm
Reading and discussion of narratives, such as those found in stories of The Thousand and One Nights, or travel adventures, such as those of Ibn Battuta and his successors.

ARAB 3502 – Arab Film and Culture (in English)
Esseesy, M
TR 2:20pm – 3:35pm
Historical survey of Arab cinema and its expression of Arab culture. Course is conducted in English.

Multi-disciplinary Core

HIST 2804 – History of Ancient Israel
Rollston, C
TR 2:20pm – 3:35pm
The history of ancient Israel from the Patriarchs through the Romans. Topics include historical, archeological, political, social, cultural, religious, diplomatic, military, economic, and intellectual events, movements, and relationships.  Same as CLAS 2804.

IAFF 2040 – Middle East: International Affairs Survey
Lynch, M
MW 2:20pm – 3:35pm

IAFF 2190W – Arab Politics
Kiamie, C
M 7:10pm – 9:40pm

PSC 2377 – Comparative Politics of the Middle East
Dallas-Feeney, C
M 3:30pm – 6:00pm
Politics of the eastern Arab states, Turkey, Iran, and Israel. Prerequisite: PSC 1001.

PSC 2379 – Politics & Foreign Policy in Israel
Finkel, E
TR 2:20pm – 3:35pm
Examination of the institutions, processes, and issues of Israeli politics and foreign policy. Prerequisite: PSC 1001.

PSC 2478 – International Relations of the Middle East
Tutunji, M
TR 4:45pm – 6:00pm
Analysis of the regional and international relations of the Middle East. Prerequisite: PSC 1003.

REL 3475 – Islamic Religion and Art
Faghfoory, M
TR 3:45pm – 5:00pm
Investigation of major forms of Islamic art, such as calligraphy, architecture, and urban design; Qur’anic chanting, poetry, and music in relation to the principles of Islamic revelation. Same as AH 4119.


HIST 2805W – Land & Power in Israel/Palestine
Robinson, S
T 1:10pm – 3:00pm 

HIST 3801 – Making of Modern Iraq & Syria
Khoury, D
MW 12:45pm – 2:00pm

IAFF 2190W – Turkey and Its Neighbors
Beyoghlow, K
R 5:10pm – 7:10pm

REL 3425 – Islamic Political Thought
Faghfoory, M
TR 9:35am – 10:25am
In contrast to many courses on this topic that focus on modern period, this course investigates Islamic political thought from its inception during the lifetime of the Prophet to its elaboration and expansion by philosophers, theologians and political theorists, and to its encounter with political though coming from the Western world in modern period.


Undergraduate Course Offerings – Fall 2014

Middle Eastern Literature

ARAB 3501 – Arabic and Arab Identity in English
Esseesy, M
TR 11:10 – 12:25

Multi-Disciplinary Core

HIST 3810 – History of the Middle East
Khoury, D
MW 12:45PM - 02:00PM

HIST 3811 – The Middle East in the 20th Century
TR 02:20PM - 03:35PM

PSC 2377 - Comparative Politics of the Middle East
MW 02:20PM - 03:35PM

PSC 2476-10 - The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Tututnji, M
TR 04:45PM - 06:00PM

PSC 2476-11 - The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Tututnji, M       
MW 04:45PM - 06:00PM

PSC 2476-12 - The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Finkel, E       
TR 02:20-PM - 03:35P

PSC 2478 - International Relations - Middle East
Dallas-Feeney, C
M 03:30PM - 06:00PM

REL 3401 - Islam
Faghfoory, M; Nasr, S
TR 03:45PM – 05:00PM

REL 3481 – Women in Islam
Pemberton, K
TR 12:45 – 02:00 PM


CLAS 2105 – Religion & Ancient Israel
Rollston, C
TR 09:35AM - 10:50AM

CLAS 3111 – Jerusalem Through the Ages    
Cline, E     
TR 02:20PM - 03:35PM

CLAS 3114 – Law & Diplomacy in the Ancient Near East
Rollston, C
TR 11:10PM - 12:25PM

IAFF 2190W – North Africa & the World
Beyoghlow, K
R 05:10PM - 07:00PM

IAFF 2190W – Politics & Culture in the Middle East  
Kiamie, C
M 07:10PM - 09:40PM

IAFF 3188 – Political Islam      
Dachi, S  
T 07:10PM - 09:40PM       
PSC 3192W – Security and Insecurity in the Middle East 
Ohl, D
R 3:30PM - 06:00PM

REL 3990 – Shi’ite Islam  
Faghfoory, M 
TR  09:35AM - 10:50AM


Undergraduate Course Offerings – Summer 2014

Multi-Disciplinary Core

PSC 2476– The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Finkel, E  
TR 02:20PM - 04:30PM
Session I - 05/19/14-06/28/14




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