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The Institute for Middle East Studies' Title VI National Resource Center offers the following lesson plans free of charge to educators across the country. These lessons were written and developed by Heather Wade and Kelsey Dalrymple of GW's Graduate School of Education and Human Develoment and Clayton Thomas of GW's Elliott School of International Affairs. This curricular design project is funded by the Department of Education's Title VI National Resource Grand for the Middle East.

If you have any question or suggestions for future lessons, please contact Alexandra Perrotti, Education and Outreach Coordinator, at or 202.994.7904.

The following links will open as Docs, PDFs, or Zip archives.

Elementary Lessons:

Geography of Iraq (grades 3-8)

Secondary Lessons:

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (6-8)

DBQ- Spread of Islam (6-8)

Middle East Oil (6-8)

Water Resources and Scarcity (6-8)

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids (7)

Demographics of Islam, Perceptions and Statistics (7-8)

Mapping the Middle East (7-9)

Desalination of Water (8-9)

YA Literature, Habibi (8-9)

Music and the Middle East (9-12)

Gulf War Oral Histories (10-12)

DBQ- The Arab Spring: Comparing Revolutions in Egypt & Tunisia (10-12)

Secularism and Women's Rights in France and Turkey (10-12)

Egyptian Revolution Writing Lesson (10-12)

The Greek-Turkish Population Exchange (10-12)

Iran Hostage Crisis (10-12)

Women in the Yemini Revolution (10-12)

Analysis of the News (12)

**The grade levels provided are merely a suggestion. Educators should review the materials to ensure suitability for the needs of their individual classrooms*


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