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IMES Associate Director Shana Marshall was interviewed by several publications regarding the United States' military aid to Egypt. You can read the articles from Voice of Russia, Duetsche Welle Radio, AP, and Al Jazeera America.

IMES Faculty Associate Shira Robinson's book, Citizen Strangers: Palestinians and the Birth of the Liberal Settler State, was reviewed in The National, an Abu Dhabi-based newspaper. Read the review here.

IMES Faculty Associate Edward Gnehm gave an interview to a reporter from Vocativ who was working on a story about how the overtures between Iran and Washington have also shined a spotlight on the shared policy goals of Israel and many Arab states. The story, entitled "Public enemies, private frenemies: Why Israel and the Arab gulf states both hate Iran" and which quotes Ambassador Gnehm at length, can be found here.

IMES Faculty Associate Robert Eisen was invited by the US State Department to give a keynote address to a group of Egyptian educators from Al-Azhar who were visiting the United States in August as part of the State Department's International Visitors Leadership Program. Professor Eisen's topic was "The Impact of Religion on Relations between the West and the Islamic World."
Professor Eisen gave the keynote address at Temple University in Philadelphia to a group of visiting Saudi academics on the topic of "Methods in Religious Studies in Western Universities."
Additionally, Professor Eisen notes that the recently launched MA program in Islam in the Religion Department has six students enrolled this fall, which he calls a "remarkably high number given the fact that the program was announced only in April" of this year. Congratulations!

IMES Faculty Associate Edward Gnehm gave an interview to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) on September 5th, regarding the escalating situation in Syria and the roles Obama and Putin are playing in an attempt to end the conflict. You can watch the interview here.

IMES Faculty Associate Dina Khoury has been awarded $100,000 by the National Endowment for the Humanities to direct a seminar for university teachers entitled "The Russian and Ottoman Empire: Imagining Citizenship, Belonging and Difference." This seminar will take place at GW from June 9-27, 2014, and will be co-directed by Professor Sergey Glebov of Smith College's History Department. Congratulations to Professor Khoury on this accomplishment!

IMES Faculty Associate Edward Gnehm gave an interview to Al Jazeera English on August 29th, regarding the situation in Syria. Ambassador Gnehm was also interviewed by the Voice of America on August 20th for a piece about U.S.-Saudi relations.

IMES Associate Director Shana Marshall was interviewed by Marketplace World for a piece about how the Egyptian military uses the aid it receives from the United States. Read the summary, entitled "A few good men? U.S. aid trained and equipped Egypt's military," and listen to the interview here.

IMES Faculty Associate Nathan Brown has written extensively on the political crisis in Egypt over the past several weeks:
-Foreign Policy, July 17, 2013, Op-Ed: "Egypt's Wide State Reassembles Itself"
-Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Sada Discussion Threads, July 15, 2013: "It's Not About Civil War"
-New Republic, July 5, 2013, Op-Ed: "What's Next in Egypt"
-Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Q&A, July 4, 2013: "After the Egyptian Coup"
-New Republic, July 3, 2013, Op-Ed: "Where Does the Muslim Brotherhood Go From Here?"
-Foreign Affairs, July 3, 2013, Op-Ed: "Redoing the Egyptian Revolution"

IMES Faculty Associate Shira Robinson will have her book, Citizen Strangers: Palestinians and the Birth of the Liberal Settler State, published by Stanford University Press in later September. Congratulations, Professor!

IMES Faculty Associate Robert Eisen recently returned from the World Congress of Jewish Studies at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he spoke on the subject of "Discretionary War in Religious Zionism" for a session devoted to "Views of War in Contemporary Judaism."

IMES Faculty Associate Mona Atia was a guest commentator on "Your Call: Has the ouster of President Morsi preserved the path to democracy or ended it?" on KALW-San Francisco public radio on July 7. To listen to the program, please click here. Professor Atia is also writing a series of dispatches from Egypt for Jadaliyya. The first post, entitled "Nostalgia, Hope, and Fear on the Path to June 30" was posted on June 28th, and can be read here.

Crisis in Egypt:
To find out what IMES Faculty Associates are saying about the recent events in Egypt, please visit this link which is a compiled list of articles and interviews.

IMES Associate Director Shana Marshall was quoted in a July 1 Wall Street Journal article about the current unrest in Egypt and the way the Egyptian military is handling the crisis. The article can be viewed here.

IMES Director Marc Lynch appeared as a guest on WBUR's On Point program on July 1 to discuss the role Qatar is playing in the international community. Listen to the program here.

IMES Faculty Associate Nathan Brown authored an article on June 27 entitled "Will June 30 be midnight for Morsi's Cinderella Story?" for Foreign Policy's Middle East Channel. Professor Brown also wrote a June 27 article for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace entitled "No Horizon in a Perpetually Unsustainable Palestine."

IMES Faculty Associate Scheherazade S. Rehman wrote an opinion piece about the unrest in Turkey for U.S. News and World Report. Dr. Rehman was in Istanbul with her GW class of about 30 Executive MBA students for a short-term abroad class on "Assessing the Business Risks in Emerging Markets" when the protests broke out. One of her students filmed some of the protestors fleeing the tear gas, which can be viewed embedded in the middle of the article. To read the article--"The View from Taksim Square: The Fight for Modern Turkey"--click here.

IMES Associate Director Shana Marshall was quoted in an article in The Economist on May 25. The article, entitled "Guns and Sugar", can be read here.

IMES Faculty Associate Judith Yaphe interviewed Vali Nasr about his new book, The Dispensable Nation, for C-SPan2's BookTV. The book describes the politics of making Af-Pak policy from 2009-2011, when Nasr was a special assistant to Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. Nasr argues for the U.S. to re-engage in the Middle East, rather than pivot to Asia, and sees China as the ultimate enemy challenging U.S. pre-eminence in the region. To watch the program, please click here.

IMES Faculty Associate Nathan Brown published an article on April 17th entitled "Requiem for Fayyadism" for Foreign Policy. He also published a Carnegie paper on April 23 called "Islam and Politics in the New Egypt."
Professor Brown has received a Guggenheim Award from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation which awards fellowships to assist research. His project, tentatively entitled "Arguing the Islamic Shari'a after the Rebirth of Arab Politics," is aimed at probing how arguments are made, authority is achieved, and outcomes are shaped in an environment where there is increasingly cacophonous public contestatation over religious issues. Congratulations, Professor Brown!

IMES has received a $4 million gift from the Amir of Kuwait, His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. The gift contributes to the endowment of the Institute for Middle East Studies, supporting the Institute's academic and research activities. The gift also supports the Gelman Library's Middle East and North Africa Research Center. To read the GW Today article discussing the contribution, please click here.

IMES Faculty Associate Nathan Brown published an article on March 27th entitled "Egypt's Constitution Swings Into Action" for Foreign Policy's Middle East Channel. Additionally, Professor Brown and Said Arjomand are the editors of The Rule of Law, Islam, and Constitutional Politics in Egypt and Iran which was published by SUNY Press in March, and will be released in April 2013.
Also, Professor Brown was a plenary speaker on "Islamists in Power" at the Economic Research Forum's 19th annual conference - Economic Development and the Rise of the Islamist Parties - in Kuwait, March 3-5.

IMES alumnus Jared Markland was interviewed by Al Alam - an Arabic language news network - on the topic of arming the Syrian opposition. To watch a video of the interview, please click here (please note that the interview is entirely in Arabic). Great work, Jared!

IMES Faculty Associate Murhaf Jouejati was interviewed on February 27th for an article in the Los Angeles Times entitled "Kerry confronts clashing interests in Syria, Iran and Russia." Professor Jouejati also was quoted in an article in U.S. News & World Report entitled "Why Would Assad Gas His Own People?" which was published on March 20th.

IMES Faculty Associate Pardis Minuchehr was awarded the Teacher/Student combination Startalk grant for the Persian program in the summer. This grant will allow the program to conduct a teacher's professional development program, and an immersion Persian program for undergraduate students on campus. Professor Minuchehr is the principal investigator on the grant.

IMES Faculty Associate Edward Gnehm was interviewed on March 16th by the Italian language news agency Linkiesta for an article on the Syrian situation and particularly the Gulf Arab countries' strategy on the conflict.

IMES Faculty Associate Hossein Askari has two books that are set to be published in 2013: "Collaborative Colonialism: The Political Economy of Oil in the Persian Gulf" (New York: Palgrave Macmillan) - with a foreword by Robert E. Looney; and "Conflicts in the Persian Gulf: Origins and Evolution" (New York: Palgrave Macmillan) - with a foreword by Ahmad Ghoreishi. Additionally, Professor Askari did an interview entitled "The Middle East will blow up - the only question is when" which can be viewed here.

IMES alumna Stefanie Hausheer had an op-ed published in U.S. News & World Report entitled "Americans Must Do More to Welcome Saudi Scholarship Students." This piece was based on work that Stefanie did for her capstone project during her time in the Middle East Studies Program. Congratulations!

IMES Faculty Associate Mohssen Esseesy, Arabic Program Coordinator, participated in a TV interview and information piece on GW's Arabic program for KSA2 - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Channel 2 in English. To view the video which was published on March 14, please click here.

IMES Faculty Associate Pardis Minuchehr was interviewed by both the Washington Post (March 7) and Roll Call (March 4) about the Cyrus Cylinder which is on display in the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery. To read the Washington Post piece - "Sackler displaying Cyrus Cylinder, an artifact with long history and many meanings" - click here. To read the Roll Call piece - "Cyrus Cylinder Makes First Appearance in D.C." - click here.

IMES Faculty Associate Mohssen Esseesy, the coordinator of the Arabic program, has been elected to serve on the Dean's Council at the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. Professor Esseesy is looking forward to working with the CCAS Dean and members of the Dean's Council starting in fall 2013. Congratulations, Professor!

IMES Faculty Associate Nathan Brown published two articles:
-Foreign Policy, January 25, 2013: Middle East Channel -Great Sanhuri's Ghost!
-Tahrir Squared, January 25, 2013: The Supreme Constitutional Court in Post-Revolution Egypt

IMES Director Marc Lynch was interviewed by NPR about the continuing crisis in Syria, and whether the international community could have done anything to reduce the bloodshed. Professor Lynch spoke with Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon. To read the transcript or listen to the story, please click here.

IMES Faculty Associate Edward Gnehm moderated a pre-release showing of the new film "The Gatekeepers" hosted by The American Motion Picture Association on January 23rd. Ambassador Gnehm moderated the interview with the film's director after the showing, and led the audience Q&A session. The film is an Israeli documentary in which the director interviews six of the last seven heads of Shin Bet and reveals for the first time these individuals candid appraisal of Israel's occupation of the West Bank and their security concerns for Israel as well as their skepticism of Israeli politicians.

IMES Faculty Associate Edward Gnehm
was interviewed on January 18th by France 24 News regarding the status of Kuwaiti women in politics, as part of a series in which the news agency looks at the status of women in each of the Middle Eastern countries. To see the interview and read more, please click here.
Ambassador Gnehm was also interviewed on January 22 by the Colorado Gazette regarding the US military presence in Kuwait as it is of interest to an imminent deployment of Colorado-based troops to Kuwait.
In the aftermath of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's testimony on Capitol Hill regarding the Benghazi attack, Ambassador Gnehm was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for his reaction to the testimony. To view the interview, please click here.

IMES Faculty Associate Elise A. Friedland has some new publications out:
-Friedland, Elise A. 2013. The Roman Marble Sculptures from the Sanctuary of Pan at Caesarea Philippi/Paneas (Israel). American Schools of Oriental Research, Archaeological Report Series.
-Friedland, Elise A. 2012. "Marble sculpture in the Roman Near East: remarks on import, production, and impact," in Ateliers and Artisans in Roman Art and Archaeology, T. M. Kristensen and B. Poulson eds., Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplementary Series 92: 55-73.
-Friedland, Elise A. and Robert H. Tykot. 2012. "Quarry Origins, Commission, and Import of the Marble Sculptures from the Roman Theater in Philadelphia/Amman, Jordan," in Interdisciplinary Studies on Ancient Stone: Proceedings of the IX ASMOSIA Conference (Tarragona, Spain 2009). Anna Gutiérrez Garcia-M., Pilar Lapuente Mercadal, and Isabel Rodà de Llanza eds. Institut Catala d'Arqueologia Classica (ICAC), Tarragona, 52-60.
Professor Friedland was also honored to receive the 2013 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award from the Archaeological Institute of America. Congratulations, Professor Friedland!




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