Institute for Middle East Studies

Undergraduate Course Offerings

HIST 107 The Ancient Near East and Egypt
HIST 108 History of Ancient Israel
HIST 114 History of Jews in Islamic Lands
HIST 115 Messianic Movements and Ideas in Jewish History
HIST 158 Modern Jewish History
HIST 193 History of the Middle East
HIST 194 History of the Modern Middle East
ECON 136 Natural Resources and Environmental Economics
ECON 151 Economic Development
ECON 180 Survey of International Economics
ECON 181 International Trade Theory and Policy
ECON 182 International Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
PSC 176 The Arab-Israel Conflict
PSC 177 Comparative Politics of the Middle East
PSC 178 International Relations of the Middle East
PSC 179 Israeli Politics and Foreign Policy
REL 009 Bible: Hebrew Scriptures
REL 107 Rabbinical Thought and Literature
REL 112 Jewish Mysticism
REL 115 Jewish Philosophy in the Medieval Period
REL 161 Islam
REL 163 Islamic Religion and Art
REL 164 Islamic Philosophy and Theology
REL 165 Sufism (Islamic Mysticism)

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