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Phone: +1 (202) 994-8086
Fax: +1 (202) 994-5477

The George Washington University - Economics Department
Monroe Hall 306
2115 G Street NW
Washington, DC 20052


My teaching centers on economic development with a focus on poverty.

For example:

In Spring 2009, I taught the first course of the Ph.D. sequence in development economics, Econ 351.
Econ 351 PhD Seminar: Economic Development

In Fall 2009, I taught Econ 250, Survey of Economic Development, acourse for masters students in international development and international affairs.
Econ 250 Survey of Development Economics

In Fall 2007, I taught Undergraduate Economic Development.
Econ 151 Economic Development

In Fall 2006, I taught a special seminar on the Economics of Poverty Alleviation.
Econ 195 Economics of Povery Alleviation

In Spring 2006, I taught a special Writing in the Discipline (WID) section of Economic Development
(Econ 151W).