Institute for International Economic Policy

The Global Food Challenge

A Sustainable Development Forum Event

Dr. Shenggen Fan
Director General, IFPRI

March 18, GWU, 12 pm -1:30 pm
Lindner Family Commons, Room 602
Elliott School 1957 E Street, NW

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About the Event

This forum will be based on the global food challenge:

  • How can we feed 9 billion people while reducing agriculture's environmental footprint?
  • What will it take to finally eradicate hunger?
  • What are the most urgent research priorities on this subject?

Sustainable Development is emerging as the defining challenge of our generation, and it will critically require a new kind of interaction between policy and research. The Sustainable Development Forum, a series of talks by leaders in academia and in policy, will attempt to map the research agenda for sustainable development following the Rio +20 conference. What will sustainable development entail? What are the most crucial questions we need to be asking? How should academia go about searching for answers that will actually inform real action and policy changes?

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