Institute for International Economic Policy

Special Topics Courses

The George Washington University offers a variety of special topics economics courses that change in response to policy debates and student interests at the masters level. (Please contact the Department of Economics for information about PhD courses.)

Below is a list of recent courses, along with sample syllabi. All courses assume at least current knowledge of microeconomics and macroeconomics and some have other specific prerequisites.

Economics of Development Policy

Economics of US Trade Policy (Prerequisite: Econ 6283)

Trade and Economic Development (Prerequisite: Econ 6283 or Econ 6217)

Policy Options in Macroeconomic Crises (Prerequisite: Econ 6284 or Econ 6218)

Financial Issues in Emerging Markets (Prerequisite: Econ 6284 or Econ 6218)

Analysis of International Trade Law (Prerequisite: Econ 6283)

Topics in International Finance (Prerequisite: Econ 6284)

Economics of the Middle East
PDF icon Sample Syllabus (Spring 2008)

China's Integration into the Global Economy
(Spring 2008)

International Migration and Labor Markets

Fragile States and Development

Economic Conditions: Analysis & Forecasting

Technology, Trade, and the Multinational Firm


Upcoming Events

September 14 Monday
Sustainable Development Forum: Why Investing in Nature Makes Economic Sense
» Location: Lindner Commons, Room 602, 1957 E Street NW
» RSVP here

September 15 Tuesday
Trade and Development Workshop: "News Shocks in Open Economies: Evidence from Giant Oil Discoveries"
» Liugang Sheng, Chinese University of Hong Kong
» Location: John W. Kendrick Seminar Room, Room 321 at 2115 G Street
» RSVP here

September 22 Tuesday
Trade and Development Workshop
» Filipe Campante (HKS)
» Location: John W. Kendrick Seminar Room, Room 321 at 2115 G Street
» RSVP here

Please contact for more information.