Institute for International Economic Policy

Sarah Baird

Assistant Professor of Global Health


University of California Berkeley, 2007


Sarah Baird, Assistant Professor of Global Health, is a development economist whose work focuses on analyzing health issues in developing countries through careful program design and evaluation. More specifically, her research focuses on the health of infants and youth, as well as on issues related to HIV/AIDS. She finished her Ph.D. in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley in 2007 and has spent the past two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies at UC San Diego. She has worked on issues ranging from deworming in Kenya to infant mortality globally to community driven development in Tanzania to the schooling and health of young women in Malawi. She has conducted field work in Vietnam, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania. Her current work focuses on evaluating the impact of two randomized evaluations being implemented in Malawi and Tanzania. The Tanzania study focuses on evaluating the impact of providing income generating projects to vulnerable groups in a decentralized manner; while the Malawi study focuses on the impact of a schooling conditional cash transfer program on the educational attainment, sexual behavior and HIV/STD risk of school-aged women.


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Phone: (202) 994-1331

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