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IIEP engages undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. students in its research programs. IIEP researchers are drawn from departments across the university, including from the fields of economics, international affairs, political science, history, and public health. Researchers work directly with IIEP affiliated faculty on projects in the fields of international trade, international finance, and development economics and poverty reduction and on our four signature initiatives in the areas of climate change adaptation, Ultra-Poverty, global economic governance, and U.S.-China economic relations and China's economic development. Among other tasks, IIEP researchers undertake primary research, draft figures and tables, and contribute literature reviews, text drafting and editing, data coding, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, econometric analysis, and translation of technical documents from foreign languages into English. Their work contributes to classroom presentations, working papers, scholarly journal articles, blog posts, conference presentations, research briefs, textbooks, and policy briefs and booklets.

Students interested in participating in IIEP research activities are encouraged to email with a resume, a cover letter describing relevant research interests, and an up-to-date unofficial transcript.

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