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Institute for International Economic Policy

Research in Progress

Book Projects in Progress

Human Recognition: The Roles of Respect and Dehumanization in Global Poverty and Conflict.Under review with Oxford University Press.

Research Papers in Progress

“The Role of Nutrition Assessment, Counseling and Support (NACS) in the Health System.” NACS Technical Brief No. 1. USAID.

“New Measures of Food Security and Nutrition: A Multidimensional Approach” (with Shan Li).

"Supplementary Food Improves Body Mass Index, Hemoglobin, and Clinic Attendance Among Malnourished Adult ART Clients and Adult pre-ART Clients in Kenya" (with Robert Mwadime and David Mwaniki).

"Measurement of Human Recognition and Cross-Country Findings."

"Person-Equivalent Poverty Measures" (with Stephen Smith and James Foster).

Upcoming Events

October 29 Wednesday
"The Role of Social Norms in Firm Tax Compliance: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh"
Monica Singhal (Harvard Kennedy School)
» 12:30-2:00pm
» Monroe Hall, 2115 G St.
» Economic Seminar Room (321)
October 31 Friday
November 6/7 Thursday & Friday
BASIS AMA CRSP/I4 Index Insurance Innovation Initiative
» 11/6: 12:00-5:15pm,
Marvin Center 403+405

» 11/7: 8:00am-5:15pm,
Marvin Center 310+308
November 17 Monday
Human Rights and Internet Governance
Project on Trade Agreements and Internet Governance page
» 12:00pm

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