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Anticipatory Governance
Practical Upgrades; Equipping the Executive Branch to Cope with Increasing Speed and Complexity of Major Challenges
Forward Engagement
by Leon S. Fuerth with Evan M.H. Faber
October 2012

If the United States is to remain a well-functioning republic and a prosperous nation, the government cannot rely indefinitely on crisis management, no matter how adroit. We must get ahead of events or we risk being overtaken by them.   Responding to this need is the subject of the November 2012 report released by IGIS Professor Leon S. Fuerth (Director of the Project on Forward Engagement at the Elliott School, and former National Security Advisor to Vice President Gore), working with Evan M. H. Faber, titled: Anticipatory Governance Practical Upgrades.  The report offers a three-part strategy for enabling policymakers to cope with accelerating change and complex challenges and proposes specific ways to do this using existing personnel and structures of government, without requiring new resources, legislation or major organizational rewiring.

More than 30 former senior US government officials have endorsed the report, including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, and former National Security Advisors James L. Jones, Stephen J. Hadley, and Samuel R Berger. “These endorsements reflect a growing consensus among some of the nation’s most accomplished public servants that upgrades to government are needed, and that the suggestions in this report are feasible to implement and should be the basis for action,” said Professor Fuerth. “At stake is not only much-needed improvement in conducting the business of government, but also a tremendous potential for legacy: to improve the government's ability to think and act strategically in a rapidly changing world.”  The report's findings have been briefed privately to serving senior officials of the US Government, featured in Government Executive Magazine, and have been presented at events around Washington DC at various think tanks.

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