Jeffrey Jerome Cohen

Associate Professor of English and Human Sciences
George Washington University, Washington, DC.


Publications (Books)


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Electronic Publications

  • Medieval Masculinities

  • A hypertext article that explores the interrelation of sanctity, gender, and heroism in the Middle Ages. The article is the culmination of a six week electronic discussion on the topic, to which fifty-five scholars from around the world contributed. Published in vanilla text as "The Armour of an Alienating Identity" in Arthuriana 6.4 (1996) 1-24. 
  • Review of Feminist Approaches to the Body in Medieval Literature 

  • (ed. Linda Lomperis and Sarah Stanbury), Bryn Mawr Medieval Review, no. 94.4.6 (April 1994). 
    A book review published through an electronic journal. Speculates on the interrelationship of gender, feminism, and the body in medieval studies.   
  •  Monsters, Cannibalism, and the Fragile Body in Early England 

  • An electronic version of a lecture excerpted from the first chapter of my book Of Giants:  Sex, Monsters, and the Middle Ages (University of Minnesota Press, 1999) 
  • Monster Theory: Reading Culture

  • An electronic preprint, featuring the table of contents, preface ("In a Time of Monsters") and my essay ("Monster Culture: Seven Theses"). Monster Theory was published in hardcopy by the University of Minnesota Press, 1996.   
  • Becoming Male in the Middle Ages 

  • (ed. Jeffrey Cohen and Bonnie Wheeler, Garland Publishing, 1997) 
    An electronic preprint which includes the table of contents, introduction, and my essay, "Gowther Among the Dogs: Becoming Inhuman c. 1400."


Personal Information

  • Everyone knows that the Web was invented so that people could share pictures of their pets. I have a dog named Scooby, who has a very active social calendar.

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