Iceland & Northern Europe Resource Cluster

Árni Magnússon Institute            The custodians of the medieval Icelandic manuscripts.  Site features images,
                                                  descriptions and links.

Sagnanet                                    Iceland's National Archives database of all saga manuscripts in digital format,
                                                  including MS photographs.  Click the U.S. flag to use the site in English.

Icelandic Archaeology                From the National Museum, with images and links to current digs.

Íslandskort                                 Images and text of the first cartographies of Iceland.  Click the Union Jack
                                                  in the top right corner or be prepared to practice your Icelandic!

Virtual Finland                            A nice overview of medieval Finnish literature, with some MS images.

OMACL                                   Old but serviceable public domain translations of the Icelandic sagas.

ORB Scandinavia                       Incomplete, but site contains some essays and bibliographic resources.

Norse in Ireland                         Patrick Stevens of Cornell's Fiske Collection organized this bibliography
                                                 of works that discuss the Norse presence in Ireland.

North Atlantic Saga                    The Smithsonian's site for the traveling exhibit on the West-Vikings.

Hliðskjálf                                    A abbreviated but accurate site on Old Norse mythology.

Viking Home Page                      Topics and links to all things Norse.