General Medieval Studies Resource Cluster

    The Labyrinth                An excellent multi-subject server for medieval culture, history, art, literature--everything.
                                         Includes an online library with primary texts, images, references and links.

    The ORB                      Online Reference Book, featuring an online library, bibliographies and links.

    NetSERF                      Another excellent server site with lots of links.

    Medieval Sourcebook   A very complete, full-text online library with primary sources in translation.

    ARGOS                        A limited area search site for medieval studies, featuring associated site links and other
                                          search tools.

    MedFem                        Medieval Feminist Index, an excellent search site for all topics relating to women in
                                          the Middle Ages. 

    Med. Women Writers    Primary texts in Latin (available now), Occitan and Old French (coming soon).

    Catholic Encyclopedia    Who's who?  Find out at this helpful database.

    Ecole                             A nice source for short glosses on people and topics; neat feature allows you to use a
                                          "space-time" link showing what the rest of the world was doing relative to your topic.

    Me!                               If you can't find it, perhaps I can help; send questions with a click.