Wales Resource Cluster

    Welsh Historical Resources        Lots of source texts and a bibliography.

    ORB Celtic Fringe                     Some links and resources here of interest.

    The Annals of Wales                  From Sourcebook.

    Gerald of Wales                         Nice site with a brief biography of Gerald and some excerpts of
                                                      his writing.

    Camelot Project                         The University of Rochester's database of Arthurian texts, images
                                                      and bibliographies.

    Early British Kingdoms               Some links may be of interest; use caution as some play fast and
                                                      loose with "the facts."

    Black Book of Carmarthen         Survey of the 13th-century treasury of Welsh poetry from the
                                                      National Library of Wales; includes some manuscript images.

    Britannia's Welsh Royals             A nice overview of Welsh ruling genealogy; also check out their
                                                       Introduction to Welsh literature.

    Castles of Wales                        What would these pages be without some castles?