Post-conquest England Resource Cluster

    Gesta Normannorum               Dudo of St. Quentin's history of Viking Normandy.

    The Norman Invasion                Nick Austin's quest to discover where the Normans actually landed;
                                                     the site includes lots of manuscript evidence, maps and images.

    High Medieval England              ORB site features essays, primary sources and links.

    Hereward the Wake                  Was the Conquest a clean cultural break?  Read about the legendary
                                                      fen-dwelling, Norman-resisting Saxon.

    Labyrinth Medieval England        Primary sources, links and other resources; you may also wish to
                                                      check out the Middle English Bookcase.

    Bayeux Tapestry                         Images and history of this most famous tapestry.

    UVA Electronic Texts                 A nice array of public-access Middle English texts.

    Medieval English Drama              Extensive bibliography from U. Rochester's Camelot Project.

    Wars of Edward III                     Excerpts from the Clifford J. Rogers (ed.) text.

    Mapping Margery Kempe           Excellent resource site for the 15th-century mystic.

    Lollard Society                            Devoted to the study of medieval heresy.

    Chaucer Studio                            Hear Middle English read aloud.

    Trebuchet Page                            If you've got castles to plunder, you need some artillery; this site
                                                        offers history, descriptions and images of these war machines.