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Over the last 25 years the Hebrew Program at George Washington University, part of the Classics and Semitics Department, has grown to include four full years of language study. In addition to GW students, the Program also attracts members of the greater Washington DC community and GW faculty and staff from different ethnic, national and religions backgrounds.

The goal of the GW Hebrew Program is to enable students to achieve intermediate to advance levels of Hebrew profeciency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. The Program offers seven different Hebrew courses. First year Beginning Hebrew (Hebrew 1 and 2) and second year Intermediate Hebrew (Hebrew 3 and 4) introduce students to functional profeciencies necessary for daily communication in a variety of familiar and immediate situations (classroom, home, and casual daily communications that involve basic information).

Third year Hebrew (Hebrew 103 and 104) is designed to take students from the intermediate to intermediate-high and advanced levels by further developing all four skills through readings of nonfiction and fiction, listening to online radio broadcasts and by watching films and television programs. An additional course is offered in the spring semester of third year, The Israeli Media (Hebrew 106), which examines current Israeli politics and culture through various media (newspapers, radio, television and film). All third year courses are conducted entirely in Hebrew and include extensive reading and writing as part of the curriculum. Fourth year Hebrew offers two semesters of Advanced Hebrew Literature (Hebrew 120-121). Selections from Hebrew literature and poetry throughout the ages are included in the syllabus. Oral and written literary analysis of the texts is done in Hebrew.

Our language instructors are professionals who have native or near-native knowledge of Hebrew. They bring with them extensive knowledge and experience, a love for the language and a dedication to our students. For additional information, please call the Program coordinator's office at (202) 994-6198, or write to us at the Hebrew Program, Classics and Semitics Department, The George Washington University, Phillips Hall 343, Washington DC 20052.

Hebrew Placemet:

If you are not a beginner we recommend that you take a placement exam. Please download a copy of the exam by clicking on the link to the left, print the exam, fill it out by hand and send it to the above address. The exam is a pdf file format. If you do not have a pdf application on your computer, you can download it for free at:

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