Faculty Support

At the Writing Center, we conduct free, one-on-one sessions with undergraduate and graduate students to assist them with course writing assignments, research papers, theses, and personal statements. We schedule sessions that start on the hour and last either 25 minutes or 50 minutes. Trained graduate and undergraduate peer tutors help your students develop and focus their ideas, implement an organizational strategy, utilize evidence proficiently, and clarify their syntax and diction. Please let your students know that we welcome walk-in sessions but encourage scheduled appointments. To schedule an appointment with one of our tutors, please click here. If students are unable to schedule your appointment online for any reason please have them call 202-994-3765 and speak with one of our receptionists. In addition, let your students know about our new AIM service for instant access to a tutor for quick questions. The AIM screen name is gwWritingCenter. Also please direct them to our 'News' page about upcoming workshops!

Last year we held approximately 3,000 sessions with students from 117 departments in all schools of the university.
We hope that you will encourage your students to make use of our services. In fact, if you would like a peer tutor to speak to your class for a few minutes about the Writing Center, we would be delighted to send someone. Alternatively, you may want us to send you brochures that you can distribute to students yourself. In either case, simply e-mail or call us anytime during our open hours to make a request.

Our e-mail address is gwriter@gwu.edu
Our phone number is 202-994-3765