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Erin AndrewsEA

Erin is a second year Master’s student in GW’s American Studies Program. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a BA in English and Women’s Studies. She worked as a writing center consultant as an undergraduate, and is excited to continue writing center work as a member of the GW Writing Center staff.


Kathryn Biblerkbib

Kathryn is a senior at GW. She studies English, Spanish and creative writing. Kathryn spent Fall 2010 studying in Santiago, Chile and is excited for another year at the WC.



M Bychowski

M is a graduate student in English pursuing transformation and things that transform in medieval and early modern literature. She is familiar with a wide variety of literary theory and philosophy, particularly those applying to "Crip", "Queer", "Gender," and "Thing" studies. Language interests include French, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon. In the past she has worked as the Nation/World section editor of a weekly school newspaper, as an assistant communications director, and as an archivist in special collections at the DePaul University Richardson Library. With a bacherlors degree in both Literature and History, she is comfortable with working on interdisciplinary norms in writing and citation in the humanities.




Michelle ChoMCho


Michelle is a sophomore majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications in SMPA from New Jersey. She loves her dog, Bon Iver, puns, creme brulee, rachel zoe, and all things amusing. She is hoping to study abroad in Barcelona next year.



Christian EwingCE

Christian is a junior from Tulsa, Oklahoma majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. He is also a contributing editor for the Culture section of the GW Hatchet and tour guide for Student Admissions. Christian is pretty easy-going, but passive voice really gets him mad.





Sarah FerrisSF

Sarah, a sophomore, is majoring in political science with minors in international affairs and journalism. She loves picking strawberries, hiking in New England in the fall and writing in AP style.






Brian FranciscoBrianF

Brian is a third year Ph.D. student in the political science department focusing on international relations and statistical research methods. He is particularly interested in U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and Iranian politics. Brian is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, and graduated from Occidental College in 2009 with a BA in politics. He worked at the Occidental writing center for three years and has tutored at GW since Fall 2009.


Portia Gant


Portia is a second year law student (2L) who loves reading students' legal memos and briefs just as much as UW papers and personal statements.  Despite her [limited] knowledge of the law, she loves working with students on developing their writing skills far more than explaining anything about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure or talking about the Commerce Clause.  She received her bachelor's degree in Theatre with an emphasis in Acting and Shakespeare, which may explain why she cannot resist the urge to clap after oral arguments at the Supreme Court.



Eva HansenEvaH

Eva is a junior in the Columbian College majoring in English and minoring in history and creative writing. She hails from San Diego, CA and came to the East Coast to experience the fall and winter seasons. Her favorite part of GW's campus is Mount Vernon, where she works as a House Proctor.



Matt Harperno photo

Matt is in the clinical psychology PsyD program.





Rachel HildrichRHil

Rachel is a sophomore from Connecticut, planning to double major in Statistics and Psychology. She loves cheesy foods, singing, Regina Spektor, and chapstick. She plans on studying abroad in Madrid in Fall 2012.



Ashley HuffmanAshHuff

Ashley is a senior in the Columbian College, majoring in Communications and minoring in English. She started tutoring in October of 2009, and she enjoys the sense of fulfillment that comes from helping her fellow peers achieve their rhetorical goals. Some of Ashley's favorite things are shopping trips in Georgetown, writing, driving, Starbucks dates with friends, and going to movies. 


Courtney JolineCJ

Courtney is a junior in the Elliott School majoring in Middle East Studies and minoring in either religion or history. She loves all things Jersey and couldn’t live without Bruce Springsteen, Mexican food, the beach, and her surfboard. She loves to get lost in DC, reading, and watching reruns of the Office, and is super excited to work in the writing center.

Courtney will be studying abroad in Tunisia in the spring of 2012.



Eve KenneallyEveK

Eve is a junior studying English and Creative Writing.

Eve will be studying abroad in Dublin in the spring of 2012!




Kellianne KingKK

Kellianne is originally from central Massachusetts and is majoring in History with a double minor in sociology and creative writing. She enjoys reading books while sipping vanilla chai tea, writing short stories, and performing in student theatre productions here at GW.


Emily Koesterno photo

Emily is a Masters student in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development. Her area of concentration is International Development.



Isara Krieger


Isara is a senior from Boston, MA studying criminal justice and psychology.  She loves traveling, seeking out cupcake shops along with all things sweet, photography, and writing in her spare time - she has kept a journal since high school.  She studied abroad last spring in Amsterdam.


Rachel Landryrl

Rachel is a junior from Boston and is double-majoring in International Affairs and French. She currently has an internship at the Peace Corps and enjoys fashion, watching foreign films and running. She plans to study abroad in Paris next fall and hopes to serve in the Foreign Service one day.




Kimmi LormanKL

Kimmi is a junior majoring in sociology. She likes her dog Rocco, ice chais from Starbucks. Next semester she plans to study abroad in South Africa where she will focus on racial justice and human rights. 

Kimmi will be studying abroad in the spring of 2012


Craig Maricontino photo

Craig is working toward his Masters in English.




Donna McDonaldDonna

Donna is a sophomore studying International Affairs and Russian. She loves listening to people’s stories and finding out what makes them unique and inspiring. She couldn’t live without laughing, journaling, hiking, and talking. She was raised in Alabama, but her heart belongs in Russia.



Katie Meadno photo

Katie is currently pursuing her MA in American Studies with a concentration in Public and Oral Histories. She works as a Service-Learning Scholar for the Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service as well as a Graduate Writing Tutor at the George Washington University Writing Center. She is also working with Dr. Bernard Demczuk on an oral history project with current and former African American residents of Foggy Bottom. She is looking forward to visiting her family in Texas as well as to a career as a public and oral historian.



Gabe Muller

no photo Gabriel is a junior majoring in History. He is originally from South Florida, and enjoys journalism, the arts, and all types of writing.




Devin Proctor


Devin is working toward his Masters in American Studies. Prior to working in the Writing Center, Devin spent 7 years teaching in Bronx, New York.




Will Quiterio

no photo

Will is working toward his Masters in English.




Safia Razzuqi


Safia is a junior from Syracuse, New York in the Elliott School double majoring in International Affairs and Economics. Her concentration is Latin American affairs.

Safia will be studying abroad in Buenos Aires in the spring of 2012.





Thomas Savage


Tom is a junior from West Windsor, NJ majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Math and Biology. He likes playing soccer, performing in the school orchestra, and taking long walks in the library.






Amanda SawitAS

Amanda hails from the funkalicious Bay Area, California, and is double majoring in Journalism and International Affairs. Although her first love is writing, she likes to indulge in a number of activities--including baking, watching baseball, and reading up on military history.




Kate Schaffks

Kate is a junior from Chicago double majoring in International Affairs and Human Services. She speaks German, conversational Spanish, gibberish, and, of course, pig latin. Kate enjoys reading books, blowing bubbles, and eating vegetable soup.




Rishi Soodno photo

Rishi is a former undergraduate GW Writing Center tutor who is now in the SMHS pursuing an MD.

Rishi will be working exclusively with SMHS students in Himmelfarb Library.




Haylie Swenson


Haylie is currently pursuing a master's degree in English with an emphasis in medieval and early modern literature. As an undergraduate she studied biology, and she is especially interested in charting the intersections of the human and the animal in literature. Because of this interdisciplinary background, Haylie is as happy working with students on papers and lab reports for the "hard sciences" as she is working on essays.




Zoe Valentine


Zoe is a sophomore in SMPA majoring in Political Communication. She enjoys jumping on trampolines, sitting in the window seat on airplanes, and eating crunchy potato chips in the library.




Andrea Vittorioandrvit

Andrea is a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in international affairs. She is originally from Philadelphia, Pa., where it is always sunny. Andrea loves writing and would like to pursue a career as a journalist.






Scott WeinerScott W

Scott is working toward his PhD in Political Science.



Monika WysockiMon

Monika is a senior in SMPA majoring in Political Communication.


Michael YoonMYoon

Michael is a sophomore planning to study Communications/English and minor in Chinese Language. Mike was born in Edison, New Jersey but moved to Hong Kong when he was three years old. Mike is conversationally fluent in Chinese and Korean. He enjoys hip-hop music, movies, and eating food.



Emily Bliss

Prof. Bliss teaches UW 1020 and has an MFA in fiction writing. She enjoys working with students, reading, writing, hiking, and running


Kathy Larsen

KLKathy was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and has been teaching a variety of subjects for almost twenty years. Her background is in 18th C British Literature, though seem to have migrated to other disciplines and other times. While the leap from the eighteenth century to today's pop culture may seem incongruous, to her mind it's anything but. She's spent the last two years researching and writing two books, one an examination of shame within fan culture and within the academic communities that examine said culture. The other book is a roadtrip through fandom titled Fangasm.


Robin Marcus


Danika Myers


Matthew Riley

MattRMatthew Riley was born in Dayton, Ohio and lived in Montana, New Orleans, and Brussels, Belgium before settling in Washington. He holds an M.A. and MFA in Creative Writing from The Ohio State University and the University of Maryland, respectively. He is in his sixth year as a member of the First Year Writing Program, and he’s thrilled to be tutoring in the Writing Center.


Christy Zink

Prof. Zink is the Director of the Writing Center and is excited to be back after sabbatical.