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What Can GWIPP Do For Your Research?

I'm a GW student.

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GWIPP provides the following opportunities to students hired as graduate research assistants (GRAs):

WORKING CLOSELY with professional researchers on current policy issues.

LEARNING firsthand how to design and implement research projects.

PRESENTING research at conferences.

SUBMITTING articles for publication in academic journals.

CANDIDACY for positions in which employers are looking for graduates who have experience with funded or client-centered research.



GWIPP provides assistance to GW faculty in generating and administering externally funded policy research in several ways including:

FINDING research teams by identifying and recruiting other faculty with similar interests or skills useful to the project.

FUNDING the Policy Research Scholar Program which offers targeted assistance for faculty members pursuing policy research.

IDENTIFYING potential external funding sources, many of which already have a funding relationship with GWIPP.

MONITORING data bases for research opportunities that may be of interest to GWIPP affiliated faculty.

DESIGNING funding proposals, developing budgets, navigating the human subjects (IRB) process, and submitting the proposals.

PROVIDING substantive and methodological assistance, when desired and appropriate, through consultation and proposal review. Substantive and methodological assistance are provided by the Director and Associate Director, who are available to read drafts of concept papers, letters of inquiry, and proposal drafts, to refer faculty to other sources and experts, on and off campus, and to organize workshops where draft proposals can be discussed.

ADMINISTERING and managing grants once awarded.

For additional information, please call or e-mail Garry Young: (202) 994-6494 or



GWIPP draws on the skills of the full range of University faculty, as well as the talents of GW's graduate research assistants, to carry out research projects.

GWIPP researchers have extensive experience in the academic, governmental, and nonprofit areas, and are well-suited to bring elements of each area to projects.

GWIPP researchers have published extensively in their fields of expertise.

Students are eager to learn from their academic mentors and often bring a fresh perspective to research projects.

For additional information, please contact Garry Young: (202) 994-6494;