Policy Research Methods Workshop

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Past Workshops

Dylan Conger
Associate Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration
Multiple Imputations: Introduction and Application in Stata
Thursday, April 28, 2011, 12-1:30PM

See Dylan's presentation here.

Dylan Conger
Associate Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration
Using Multiple Imputation to Address Missing Values in Public Policy Data
Tuesday, December 7, 2010, 12-1:30PM

Multiple imputation is a method for substituting missing values in a
data set with plausible replacements.  In many circumstances imputing
values for the missing data yields more reliable estimates than other
conventional means of addressing missing data, e.g., dropping
observations, mean substitution, etc. Recent advances in methods and
software now make MI practical for a large number of public policy
research applications.  Indeed, most major software packages now feature
MI procedures (e.g., Amelia for R and Stata, Stata's MI, SAS's Proc MI &

Andrea Sarzynski
Research Professor: GWIPP
Not Just Pretty Pictures: Using GIS Methods in Policy Research
Wednesday, November 3rd, 12-1:30PM

See Andrea's presentation here.

***Apparently ESRI, the company who produces ArcGIS, is selling full licenses for academic use at a fraction of the cost quoted today.  Contact Andrea at to get the name of an ESRI sales associate who has worked with other GWU faculty on cheaper pricing.

Matthew Dull
Assistant Professor in the Center for Public Administration and Policy, Virginia Tech
'Missing' Something Important? Using the Heckman Selection Model in Policy Research
Wednesday, March 3rd, 12 - 1:30PM

Results-Model Reform Leadership: Questions of Credible Commitment
Land Recycling, Community Revitalization, and Distributive Politics: An Analysis of EPA Brownfields Program Support

See slides from Dr. Dull's talk here.

Brandon Bartels
Assistant Professor of Political Science, GWU
Using Multi-Level Models in Public Policy Research
January 21st, 2010

See slides from Dr. Bartels's talk here.