Dr. Antwan Jones




GWIPP Research: Antwan Jones

This page features research funded through GWIPP and performed by Antwan Jones.

Title: Assessing How Familiarity During Childhood with Residential Built Environment Impacts Obesity

Funding: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Researcher: Antwan Jones

Start Date: September 2011

Status: Current

Category: Social Policy

Summary: While much research has been done on how neighborhood change affects obesity (Franzini et al. 2009), very few studies have explored how an individual's residential change relates to obesity. Using an urban sociological perspective, this study relies on panel data to assess how residential instability affects obesity among adolescents (Aim 1). Using an individual-level, fixed-effects modeling strategy, this research also explores how the built environment of old and new neighborhoods is related to obesity through the access to active lifestyle structures such as recreational centers (Aim 2). This research closely aligns with the Childhood Obesity Team, and it addresses the policy need of increasing physical activity by improving the built environment in communities (Priority Area #4).