Dr. Garry Young
Director, CWAS



This page contains links to local organizations that undertake public policy analysis and/or research dealing with the Washington area, or urban areas more broadly defined. It also includes links to local area governments.

Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program
The Brookings Institution Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy seeks shape a new generation of urban policies that will help build strong neighborhoods, cities, and metropolitan regions. One of the Center's major research projects has a Washington area focus.

Brookings Greater Washington Research Program
The greater Washington Research Center is a program within Brookings that conducts studies of the metropolitan area of Washington. Its web site contains a further link to data about the Washington D.C. area from the Census Bureau and other statistical sources.

DC Fiscal Policy Institute
The DC Fiscal Policy Institute (DCFPI) engages in research and public education on the fiscal and economic health of the District of Columbia.  DCFPI analyzes local and federal tax and budget policies issues that concern the District, with a particular emphasis on policies that affect low- and moderate- income residents.

DC School Search
This website provides information about DC public schools and public charter schools.

D.C. Tax Revision Commission
The District of Columbia Tax Revision was convened toward the end of the 1990s to study options for reforming the DC tax system.  The Commission's website, which contains its final report, as well as the reports of expert consultants on particular taxes, such as income, business and property taxes, is now maintained as part of the D.C. Watch web site referenced below. In addition to reports of the commission,  the Commission's final report includes many useful "tax facts" about the District.

D.C. Watch
DC Watch is an electronic magazine and web site with a wide range of current news about government, politics, and community in Washington D.C. It contains many additional links to local organizations, including a very useful bibliography of recent books,  government reports, and other reports dealing with the District of Columbia.

H-DC Washington DC History and Culture
H-DC is a refereed, multi-and inter-disciplinary discussion list. It provides a means of communication and interaction for those who research, write, read, teach, collect, curate, and preserve Washington, DC history and culture and for those who work in cultural institutions located within DC, regardless of discipline.  The web site also include many additional links to the DC government.

NeighborhoodInfo DC
DC Agenda acts in partnership with existing DC organizations and institutions to help fill the gaps in expertise and resources, foster consensus, and plan strategies for addressing the District's numerous problems.

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
COG is a regional organization of Washington area local governments. COG is composed of 17 local governments surrounding our nation's capital, plus area members of the Maryland and Virginia legislatures.

The Urban Institute Center on Metropolitan Housing and Communities
The Urban Institute's Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center focuses on the communities that make up America's urban regions: housing developments, neighborhoods, cities, and suburbs. A part of the Center’s research has a Washington area focus.

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Comparative Urban Studies Projects
The comparative Urban Studies project brings together scholars and policymakers from around the globe to discuss problems of urban management from a multidisciplinary, multi-regional perspective. Several papers and seminars of the project focus on the Washington D.C. area.

21st Century School Fund
The 21st Century School Fund was founded in 1995 to work on school facilities issues nationally and locally in DC.

Local Area Governments

The following list contains links to the websites of DC governments as well as those of the jurisdictions in the immediate suburbs of the District of Columbia.
Washington, DC
Alexandria City, VA
Arlington County, VA
Fairfax County, VA
Montgomery County, MD
Prince George's County, MD