Center for Washington Area Studies

The Center for Washington Area Studies (CWAS) undertakes and promotes policy research directly relevant to the District of Columbia and the Washington metropolitan area. Directed by Garry Young, the center is multi-disciplinary and university-wide. It is uniquely placed to draw from the wide range of expertise available at George Washington University. Current and recent research carried out at CWAS include an analysis of the factors that affect the economic competitiveness of the District of Columbia, a comparison of bicycling policies in three area counties, an analysis of the commercial property market in the District, a study of the policy impact of the District’s lack of representation in Congress, two studies comparing Washington, D.C. to other nations' capitals, and an examination of the infrastructure needs of the District of Columbia. Recent funders of CWAS projects include the District of Columbia’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer, the Trellis Fund, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Our Nation’s Capital.

Aside from the research carried out at CWAS, the center also supports efforts by GW faculty to seek external funding for research that is on the Washington region or inclusive of the Washington region in general research.  For example, CWAS participates in the Policy Research Scholar program by funding a Scholar doing Washington-relevant research.

Organizationally, CWAS is located within the George Washington Institute of Public Policy.

For more information, contact CWAS Director Garry Young at YoungG@gwu.edu.


Dr. Garry Young
Director, CWAS