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Women’s Equality Matters: The Global Gender Program at the George Washington University--Making It Happen

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Occasional Reports

Occasional Reports summarize proceedings and findings from GGP-sponsored public events.

Migrant Women Workers in Southeast Asia Challenges, Programsand Best Practices
by Ariana Leon Rabindranath
October 2013

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Gender Inclusion for Social Resilience: A Key Factor in Disaster Reduction, Relief, and Recovery
by Milad Pournik, Jaeeun Chung, and Barbara Miller
December 2012

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Integrating a Gender Perspective into Development: What Works and Why?
by Barbara Miller and Andrea Bertone
December 2011

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Working Papers

Working Papers present original research, based on desk studies (analysis of published material), field work, statistical analysis, or a combination. They offer work in progress that is moving toward publication. Comments to the author(s) are welcome.

Women in Peace and Security through United Nations Security Resolution 1325: Literature Review, Content Analysis of National Action Plans, and Implementation
by Barbara Miller, Milad Pournik, and Aisling Swaine
May 2014
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Power Dynamics and Sexual Relationships between Professors and Students at an Urban University in Benin
by Amanda Eller
January 2014
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Empowering Women Collectively and Individually from Her Perspective: A Case Study of SEWA Delhi
by Asthaa Chaturvedi
December 2013

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Cream of the Crop: How Women are Emerging as Entrepreneurial Leaders in Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America
by Marlene Stearns
October 2013

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Prospects for Women's Economic Empowerment: Trends and Models for Sustainability in the Artisanal Sector
by Elizabeth Andrews, Nicoletta Barbera, Morgan Mickle, and Hilary Novik
July 2013

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Civil Society Organizations and Empowerment of Women and Girls in Iran
by Milad Pournik
May 2013

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Explaining the Variation in Gender Composition of Personnel Contributions to UN Peacekeeping Operations
by Kerry F. Crawford, James H. Lebovic, Julia M. Macdonald
March 2013

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Defying Strategy: United States Non-Strategic Recognition of Wartime Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo
by Kerry F. Crawford
March 2013

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Women's Representation in Judiciaries Worldwide:
Arguments in Favor of Increasing the Gender Diversity on the Bench

by Joshua Doherty
December 2012

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