Global Gender Program

Undergraduate IAFF Courses

Summer 2014

IAFF 2190W Women in Global Politics
IAFF 3183 Human Trafficking
Note: These are both distance learning courses

Summer Institute 2014

IAFF 3190.20 Theory: Global Women's Rights I
IAFF 3190.21 Action: Global Women's Rights II

For further information about these courses including how to register, please contact the office of Summer & Special Programs

Spring 2014

IAFF 3180 Gender and Conflict
IAFF 3183 Migration, Gender, and International Development

Fall 2013

IAFF 2190W.14 Women in Global Politics
IAFF 3190.15 Gender, War and Peace

Summer 2013

IAFF 2190W Women in Global Politics
PSC 2994.20 Gender, War and Peace
IAFF 3183 Human Trafficking

Spring 2013

IAFF 3183 Human Trafficking
IAFF 3183 Gender, Migration, and Development

Fall 2012

IAFF 2190W Women in Global Politics

Spring 2011

IAFF 2190W Women in Global Politics
IAFF 3183 Human Trafficking
IAFF 3188 Gender & Politics in the Middle East


Women, Peace, Security, and Development Bibliography
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