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Julia McCrossin

Julia McCrossin graduated in May 2004 from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) with a BA, cum laude, in English. She is currently a student in the MA English program at The George Washington University, specializing in 20th Century American Literature. The Spring 2004 edition of the UMBC publication, 'Bartleby', published her creative non-fiction piece, "Kinks", and she is currently working on the paper "Gender F**k at Kennedy High", as part of a panel on Camp Aesthetics for the 2005 American Studies Association National Convention in November. Ms. McCrossin is a member of the English Graduate Students Association (EGSA) Lecture Committee at George Washington, as well as the National English Honors Society Sigma Tau Delta and the Modern Language Association. Her particular area of interest is the intersection of gender, sexuality, and fatness in culture, and she is in the embryonic stages of structuring her thesis paper, "A Particular Sphere of Queer". The thesis will trace, in part, discourses in queer theory, women's studies, and disability studies that elucidate the specific function of the fat queer subject in cultural practices. Ms. McCrossin can be reached at jmccross@gwu.edu.

Nirmala Menon

I am Nirmala Menon, a second year PhD student with research interests in Postcolonial theory and Indian literature. I did my MA from the University of Chennai in India, and University of Maryland, College Park. I am specifically interested in the role of translations and its ability to modify, transform or redefine the postcolonial field.

I enjoy classical music (Indian and Western) and if I do not land a tenure track professorship will probably be a gourmet chef- I enjoy cooking and apart from Indian, my favourite cuisines are Italian, Mexican and Greek.

Bill Morris

I'm an MA candidate in my first year. I majored in Psychology and English Literature at Duke University, without crystalizing a primary focus within either realm of study. I've carried that general lack of intradisciplinary focus forward to this program, though I am particularly interested in the 20th century novel (American, generally), and postmodern culture, literature, and music (specifically counterculture and so called underground scenes). If anyone has a great thesis idea to be written at the confluence of these interests...



Shushan Chang Morrison

My name is Shushan Chang Morrison, and a second-year MA student. I have a BA in English from Providence University in Taiwan where I grew up and spent 23 years of my life. I then came to the States for a one-year graduate program in American Studies at Smith College in Massachusetts and graduated in 2003. My concentration at GW (so far) is minority/ethnic literature, primarily in twentieth-century African and Asian-American writings, and I'm also very interested in the political culture and socio-historical issues in postcolonial literature. As of now in 2005, having just started the Teaching Writing course, I'm positive that composition and teaching writing will probably dominate my attention for quite a while!

Above is a picture of me in my early days in America - just before signing the Declaration of Independence!

Duc Nguyen

I am Duc; was born over 27 years ago in a place I no longer recognize; lived for a time in Columbus, Georgia, and NYC; graduated from Cornell, which forms some of my fondest memories, with a double-major in biochemistry and English; and matriculated three years ago in the English PhD program. My fields are critical theory, as I think about how I think; and Modernism, or what I read when reading what I don't have to read; and postcoloniality, one of those professionalizations; and poetics, treating the text as text; and literary evaluation, should I love literature enough to save it. I teach writing. My intellectual colleagues think that I tend to be an unswerving canonist, philosophical skeptic, total contrarian and dirty capitalist; and that unquestionably I am argumentative, serious, intemperate, irreverent, and sometimes helpful. I cannot be contained: I dismantle all systems.

Timothy K. Nixon

I am a doctoral candidate who has finished my dissertation (a study of four 20th-century authors I've entitled"The Homo-Exilic Experience: Queerness, Alienation, and Contrapuntal Vision"), and just recently I successfully passed my oral defense. So now I'm busily trying to find a job. I'm a native of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, a town made famous (sort of) when Jaws II and The Truman Show were filmed there. I completed my undergraduate education (a B.A. in English with a minor in German) at Belmont University in 1987. My enrollment in the graduate program in English at The College of William and Mary was postponed when I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Germany for the 1988-89 academic year. In 1992 I was awarded an M.A. in English from William and Mary. I'm an old guy who spent eleven and a half years wandering in the wasteland of corporate America where I held positions in marketing support, database marketing, and product management before deciding that I needed to follow more humanistic pursuits and work on a Ph.D. My scholarly interests include American, African-American, multi-ethnic, and comparative literatures, lesbian and gay studies, and queer theory. An essay of mine, which employs Toni Morrison's theories from Playing in the Dark to critique the deployment of African-American heroines by two white authors, was published in 2003 in the journal Women's Studies. Another of my essays was included in a collection on Walker Percy. I have written encyclopedia entries on James Baldwin, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Randall Kenan, and Arturo Islas and presented quite a few papers on literature and popular culture at regional and national conferences.

Almila Ozdek

I came to GW in 2003 for PhD with a BA and MA from Istanbul University, Turkey. Love the cosmopolitan DC area, though I am still not used to living in a city without sea. Nothing compares to Bhosporus! I am interested in creative writing, postcolonial fiction and theory, national identities and histories. We have two Irish wolfhound pups, and they are interested in chewing my books.

Phillip Ross

I am interested in contemporary fiction, 19th century Russian novels, and epic poetry of all eras. I am working on a dissertation about the novels of Graham Swift, whom I regard as one of the most important writers of the postmodern era. I have a BA in English from Virginia Wesleyan College, an MA in English from George Mason University, and an MS in Library and Information Science from Simmons College. Last year I wrote just 75 pages of my dissertation, but lived in three countries and visited 17 others.




Satarupa Sengupta

I have been a Ph.D student in the American Literature program of GWU's English department since 1998. I am writing my dissertation on:-the equal rights struggle, U.S. women's fiction since the nineteenth century and expatriation problems. I want to get a job that is related to my area of interest. My areas of interest are Feminism, U.S. women's fiction, Asian American fiction, postcolonialism, cultural studies, environmental studies.

Niles Tomlinson

2nd year Ph.D. I am currently rocking out with interests in American Gothic Novel and Short Story. Oh yeah and Modern American Drama.
M.A. at Purdue University back in the day. Good times.

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